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Top Ten Links

  • GhostVillage.Com (552)
    Welcome to the Web's largest and most comprehensive supernatural community! Ghostvillage.com was launched in the autumn of 1999 when writer Jeff Belanger put up the site to host a few articles he had written on the supernatural. What started as six simple Web pages has exploded to more than 50,000 pages of content with contributions by people from all over the world. The Web site averages more than six million hits per month as tens of thousands of "Ghostvillagers" visit to read, weigh in, or learn about this very big subject.
  • Meetup.Com for Ghost/Paranormal Groups (534)
    Meet fellow Ghost Trackers near you! Come to a Ghost Tracking Meetup to investigate hauntings, share mysterious images and hunt the eerie inhabitants of the paranormal realm!
  • Spirits-Speak (Mark and Debby Constantino (506)
    Welcome to the Spirits-Speak Website!

    We are a husband and wife paranormal investigation team. Being Certified Parapsychologists, we have investigated many haunted sites. Over the past few years we have been channeling most of our time and effort into the art of receiving EVP's on a consistent basis. We have worked out a process that allows us to be able to reach loved ones that quite frankly we thought we would never hear from again, or at least not until we crossed over to their side. Due to privacy and the personal nature of our work we only want to include our personal EVPs that we have received from our own loved one's. To know that our loved ones carry on, by still being able to hear their voices and messages, has brought us an unimaginable amount of comfort, and peace of mind. It will do the same for you!
  • 12-820 Armband Radio at Radio Shack (480)
    The page for the 12-820 armband radio.
  • Selective Spirit (450)
    WELCOME, Co-Creators, Lightworkers, Sensitives, Wayshowers, Wanderers, Starseeds, Friends. This Network was developed to create a place of unconditional respect for people with spiritual modalities to share their stories and network with others. Feel free to post comments, events, share videos, pictures, and or chat with others.
  • Beware Radio (405)
    B Ware Radio with hosts Brian Harnois and Donna Lacroix
    B Ware Radio...It's time to wake up and smell the ectoplasm!!! With hosts Brian Harnois and Donna Lacroix
  • Sacred Heart Core (318)
    In creating this website, it is my contribution to assist in the awakening process that will usher humankind into the Golden Age of Enlightenment, via the World Wide Web.

    If you are reading this right now, you are or have been searching for some answers to probably a pretty profound degree. It is my intent to provide information and insight here.
  • Beyond Reality Radio (Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson) (311)
    TAPs founders Jason and Grant host their weekly paranormal radio show.
  • Ghosts of America (306)
    A site full of purported sightings of ghosts and spirits.
  • Ghost Watch U.K. (278)
    Ghost Watch UK originated from a small group of people who became interested in the paranormal and formed in September 1959. Our founding member, who is also our present Director of Operations, first became interested in researching and investigating the paranormal after experiencing unexplained phenomena on several occasions. However the real motivation to start on the path to investigating the paranormal was the incident of Willie and the coal-bunker.

    Our present day team consists of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds such as Scientific, Building, Business, Photography, Genealogy and Electronics. All are well versed and experienced in researching and investigating paranormal activity.