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  • GhostVillage.Com (334)
    Welcome to the Web's largest and most comprehensive supernatural community! Ghostvillage.com was launched in the autumn of 1999 when writer Jeff Belanger put up the site to host a few articles he had written on the supernatural. What started as six simple Web pages has exploded to more than 50,000 pages of content with contributions by people from all over the world. The Web site averages more than six million hits per month as tens of thousands of "Ghostvillagers" visit to read, weigh in, or learn about this very big subject.
  • Selective Spirit (374)
    WELCOME, Co-Creators, Lightworkers, Sensitives, Wayshowers, Wanderers, Starseeds, Friends. This Network was developed to create a place of unconditional respect for people with spiritual modalities to share their stories and network with others. Feel free to post comments, events, share videos, pictures, and or chat with others.