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Ghost Rider Paranormal Radio Media Requesting an appearance on Ghost Rider Paranormal Radio

As a guest, you are representing a spiritual or paranormal subject when you are on the show. Simply email us or call us via the following:



Visit RadioGuestList.com to our page there to reach us

We'll be glad to have you on as a guest!? Shows are generally 90 minutes long with a 30 minute paranormal news and general chit-chat before we introduce our guest for a standard 50 minute interview.

We generally seek paranormal researchers, authors, scientists and guests with experience in the paranormal or spiritual fields for our interviews and always love call-in psychics, dream interpretation and experts in paranormal research and the like.
Be it ghost-hunting, psychic, fiction or nonfiction writing and spiritual work or UFOs and conspiracies, we would love to have you join us.

We are friendly, have a large audience and only ask that you be knowledgeable in the field your represent and that you share your evidence (photos, EVPs, etc) with us on-air.

Deadline for bookings is usually at least two weeks before showtime, but we can be flexible.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ghostrider for our web site for the show.

Once you submit your guest request:

When we get back to you, we'll set the date/time for the appearance and update our calendar accordingly. We'll also be in contact anywhere from several days ahead of the show to the day of the show to fine tune the show notes and be sure we have your information correct! - top

Guest Information to know before show appearances

While the show starts at 8:00pm Pacific (11:00pm Eastern), we usually have guests dial in at 8:05 PM Pacific (11:05 PM Eastern) to join us for a standard 80 minute interview. Sometimes, we will have the guest dial in early, especially for telephone call in shows so more people can talk with the guest. Let us know so we can structure the show accordingly.

Note: If you can email and let us know what phone number you'll be calling in from, this will help us know you are dialing in and not some other caller.

We will confirm with you on the day of the show to be sure your appearance is still set. Look for an email from us regarding your appearance. Bios, media links, photos and other relevant files are always appreciated in advance.

We love PDF books to be sent if you are an author so we can review your book in-full before the interview. If you wish to send a book via postal service, just email us and we'll give you our address to send the book(s) to.


What happens if I'm disconnected or the host is disconnected during the show?
  • If you are disconnected, dial back in and the host will reconnect you.
  • If the host gets disconnected, do NOT hang up immediately. He will dial back in on the backup phone to reconnect to the show and will get back to you. Just stay on the line and tell people what the situation is and that the host will be reconnecting. It's happened in the past due to odd issues with the Internet and will happen again.

- top

After the show, where is my show link so I can link it to my site?

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ghostrider and look for the past show link in the show archives.? Look at the on-demand links and choose the month your show appeared in. Your show will be found under that month. Feel free to download the show for your site as needed or just link to the BlogTalkRadio link for that show. - top

Requesting GRI members for your show


and we'll be glad to be a guest on your show in the future!

Jon's Bio is available at this location for those who need it for their introductions for their shows. For the rest of our team, use the contact link and we'll get that information to you.? - top

Broadcast Schedule
  • Sundays at 8:00 PM Pacific - 90 minutes - Guest interviews
  • Fridays at 8:00 PM Pacific - 120 minutes - On-Air EVP and mediumship/readings.

Show Structure

We follow a standard industry format for show structure.

Below is a sample of our show formatics to show you basic show structure (they don't always follow the format, but are usually pretty close):

0 - 5 min (8:05):

Show intro - auto-play by Blogtalk
Play? theme signature block

Host announces show guests/subjects:

Show call in number and chat room URL
? (646) 478-0377

? Emergency chat in case Blogtalk is down:
? http://www.ghost-rider-investigations/chat

5 - 25 minutes (8:05 - 8:30):

Guest Bio:

Introduce our guest.

25 - 30 minutes (8:29 - 8:30):

Station ID - One Minute

30 - 55 minutes (8:30 - 8:55):

Short break - 5 minutes with station ID and then music.

60 - 85 minutes: (9:00 - 9:25)

Call-in number. (646) 478-0377
Continue interview/field questions.

planned show content here

85 - 90 minutes: (9:25 - 9:30):

Next week's show:

Shoutouts to chat room.
Close show. Thank guest if any

Play closing theme music.- ghostTheme - signature block


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