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Contacting Us

Click our contact link to email our staff. You will be contacted to arrange for a on-site interview and to arrange for a formal investigation.
What we do

We normally work on cases which involve investigation of public and recurring outdoor investigation areas, but have equipment for and do in-home or business investigations when requested. When we do this kind of work, it is for free and we do not publish the results publicly unless authorized, in writing, to do so. We will either help with the case directly or place you into contact with authorities who can assist for serious incidents that are beyond our initial investigative capabilities.?

  1. GRI Site Permission investigation form (so we have written approval before our team comes to your site or property). This is a "must-have" for us to investigate.
  2. GRI Information Release form (For cases where the owner authorizes GRI to publish the materials gathered from the investigation).
The forms above are for both the protection of our team as well as for the interests of the property owner.

  1. There are no costs for our service. We will never charge anyone for services rendered. We don't say no to a lemonade or cup of coffee if the opportunity presents itself though!

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