Welcome to Ghost Rider Investigations Wednesday, October 18 2017 @ 01:55 am UTC


Have YOU got the right stuff to be one of our team members?

Contact us to if you are interested in tagging along on a mission. We've shifted our focus to outdoor investigation of historic sites and enjoying ourselves while we're at it. Ghost hunting should be fun and not a lot of work -but! There is a little work. The only thing we ask is that you participate regularly and analyze your evidence on-time and get it emailed to us or handed to us on disk - Keeping your word is everything and that is the requirement to be part of the team ;>)


Lead Investigators:

Core Investigators

  • Jon Almada?- Case manager / General cook and bottle washer / Medium / Team Lead.
  • Brenda Orr-Barnett - Medium and paranormal investigator.

Guest Investigators on call

  • Brenda Orr-Barnett
  • Heidi Hess
  • Yvonne Almada - Investigator- Medium - EVP Investigator
  • Kevin Gilligan - Investigator - EVP Specialist
  • Dan Perez - Investigator.
  • Renee Marine - Remote Viewer
  • Karen Bergman - Investigator

Affiliate Teams?

  • Karen Bergman - Lead Investigator, GRI-Phoenix.
  • Cathie Bradshaw - Lead Investigator, GRI-Virginia.
  • Jennifer A Jaworski - Lead Investigator, GRI-New Jersey

Investigators in Training

  • Open slot for a dive-certified investigator.

Inactive Members

A special thank you to our inactive members who have come and gone as GRI has evolved - We wouldn't have gotten this far without you as part of our history. Thank you for being part of our lives and the door is open to you to come back any time. In no particular order, our former member list is shown below:

  • Cathy and Jim Chrobot
  • Spencer Hughes?
  • Michelle Bronner
Guest investigators are always welcome! Just contact us to tag along in hunts we go on. Most of ours are done in the daytime and it's a lot of fun! We have a new investigator list - contact us to be on the list so we can include you in our hunts!

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