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  • El Dorado County Biographies (93)
    El Dorado County Biographies - Great resource for historical research.
  • El Dorado County Historical Markers (110)
    Historical Markers in El Dorado County - Great reference site for finding all sorts of useful historical items.
  • El Dorado County Stories (95)
    Stories in El Dorado County History.
  • Rescue Historical Society (79)
    The Rescue Historical Society is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the enjoyment of sharing information about the founders, history and events in the Rescue, California and surrounding area. New members are welcome and encouraged, but everyone is invited to share the information we have gathered. We are eager to learn new things and solicit any information, photographs or documents people might share with us. Low resolution photographs can be downloaded from this web site and higher resolution photos are available for a nominal fee. Please respect any copyrighted material by including the source. Write Info@RescueHistorical.com with questions, comments and requests.
  • State Historical Landmarks in El Dorado County (80)
    California State Historical Landmarks in El Dorado County

    Properties of historical importance in California are currently designated as significant resources in three state registration programs: State Historical Landmarks, Points of Historical Interest, and the California Register of Historic Places. Below is a list of the State Historical Landmarks for El Dorado County. This data is provided by the Office of Historic Preservation - California Department of Parks and Recreation and is also available in the California Historical Landmarks Book.