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    Since I started this page in December 1994, I have always been asked how to conduct a ghost hunt, what to bring, etc. I don't encourage amateurs without any training at all to conduct ghost hunts. You need some idea of what you are doing before you go off into that graveyard or haunted building. I do recommend you contact an established organization near you and join them on a hunt/investigation before you go on your own. I have many groups listed on my Local Ghost Groups page. I've created this page in order to give you the basics of ghost hunting in plain and simple talk and to provide that to everyone for free. I think that there are already people going out and conducting ghost hunts or investigations who have no experience and they will not buy a book, attend a class or join a group to learn how to do it better. I hope to reach them, because this is "no strings attached" information. I also hope the rest of you who haven't done a ghost hunt yet or even some seasoned investigators can take something from this page and use it in the field. The following info has come from books, articles, WWW and experienced investigators themselves. Keep in mind these are the procedures I follow and they are, in my opinion, the right way of doing things. Because this is not an exact science they are differing opinions and I've tried to keep that in mind. Feel free to use this info any way you want as long as you mention where you got it.

    Please email me all the typos and other errors as well as suggestions, I'm sure there will be additions and corrections in the near future, thanks Dave Juliano
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