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  • K-II Enterprises (102)
    The actual manufacturer of the K-II meter.
  • Spooky Spirit Tesla Radio (84)
    News Flash!!! The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio and Mrfixitrick are featured in a cool brand new PC game from GODD Games called "Tesla". In the game, monsters and bats are battled while helping Mrfixitrick find the seven parts of the Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio. Beautiful gaming action with intriguing background music. Info at www.goddgames.com/tesla.html

    "My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night"
    - Nikola Tesla, 1901 article "Talking With The Planets"

    The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio is more than just a crystal radio circuit in a jam-jar. It's a sound maker that plugs in to a computer, and makes awesome spooky sounds by responding to electromagnetic fields or light sources in real time.

    Athough Tesla used different parts, this radio's basic L-C (Inductor-Capacitor) circuit uses a similar schematic to what Tesla experimented with in his early days. The versatile 1N34A crystal germanium diode used here, substitutes for the tricky rotating nickel detectors and sensitive relays, used by Tesla in the late 1800's.

    You can listen to AM broadcasts with this radio, but it was made to have fun with in other ways. (Besides, AM radio wasn't exactly what Nikola Tesla was interested in...in fact, he believed it was a waste of energy to transmit and receive Hertzian waves!)

    By using a program like Audio Hyjack Pro (Mac), the radio's output is tweaked at the computer to give some great real-time sound effects...and you can record them at the same time.

    In the following accompanying movies, I show how the Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio reacts to lightning, radio frequencies, the light spectrum, the computer screen, RF pulses, electromagnetic fields and more!