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  • CJ EVP (74)
    This site is dedicated to researching Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and helping others through the process of grieving for loved ones that have crossed over.

    Inside you will find information about EVP recording techniques, software, and links to other sites where you can find additional help. We provide a memorial page to remember friends and loved ones who have made the wondrous journey to the other side.
  • CJ EVP forum (97)
    This is a private forum for members only. Our goal is to make it a learning tool. Membership is free-of-charge; all we ask is that you act accordingly. Disrespect of any member or website will not be tolerated.

    This environment is designed to give all EVP researchers, and enthusiasts alike, a place to share with others who have the same interests. You can post EVPs, photos, and different techniques, or you can come in and find out more on these subjects.

    We are always trying new ideas when it comes to EVP research so there is always something interesting and new to read about.
  • Spirits-Speak (Mark and Debby Constantino (429)
    Welcome to the Spirits-Speak Website!

    We are a husband and wife paranormal investigation team. Being Certified Parapsychologists, we have investigated many haunted sites. Over the past few years we have been channeling most of our time and effort into the art of receiving EVP's on a consistent basis. We have worked out a process that allows us to be able to reach loved ones that quite frankly we thought we would never hear from again, or at least not until we crossed over to their side. Due to privacy and the personal nature of our work we only want to include our personal EVPs that we have received from our own loved one's. To know that our loved ones carry on, by still being able to hear their voices and messages, has brought us an unimaginable amount of comfort, and peace of mind. It will do the same for you!