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  • CC The Huntress (100)
    "CC The Huntress" will prove to be the next hottest paranormal TV experience you will ever witness.

    "CC The Huntress" is the brain child of CC Carole.

    Watch how she tracks / hunts the spirits of the dead in the most unorthodox of ways. Combining spiritual & energy healing, herbs, stone, smudging, aromas, teas, ancient rituals along with scientific equipment to track down and confront the spirit world. CC's shows are thoroughly research and based in factual history, science and spirituality. What you will see is 100% real 100% of the time!

    And REAL can be pretty scary!

    "My mission as "CC The Huntress" is to track / hunt spirits and give them a healing and comfort, because death doesn't always end suffering."

    The Huntress tracks, hunts and heals spirits. She is fearless and will stop at nothing to track them down and soothe their souls.
  • CD 360 Ghost Hunts and More (73)

    Were a young married couple who moved from Sacramento,CA to Portland OR.
    We love new adventures and challenges!Were eager to grasp all that life throws at us!

    We will write and share photos, depicting adventures that we find appealing. We focus on the adventure component.

    Our goal is to find hundreds of awesome adventures & locations!
    You can help us succeed. If you know of any locations let us know.
  • El Dorado Paranormal Investigations (37)
    Send me your Paranormal stories so I can share them with my Network and listeners of my World of the Paranormal radio program on KFOK LP FM 95.1 Georgetown--www.kfok.org.
    I will also publish your paranormal articles on my World of the Paranormal Web site on the "Paranormal Articles and Information" page. Email me your articles at edparanormal@comcast.net along with a small photo of yourself to go along with the article. Don't forget to add your bio at the end of the article.

    If you think you would make a great guest paranormal expert on my radio program, send me an email and will discuss it. edparanormal@comcast.net.
  • Ghost Watch U.K. (185)
    Ghost Watch UK originated from a small group of people who became interested in the paranormal and formed in September 1959. Our founding member, who is also our present Director of Operations, first became interested in researching and investigating the paranormal after experiencing unexplained phenomena on several occasions. However the real motivation to start on the path to investigating the paranormal was the incident of Willie and the coal-bunker.

    Our present day team consists of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds such as Scientific, Building, Business, Photography, Genealogy and Electronics. All are well versed and experienced in researching and investigating paranormal activity.
  • Haunted and Paranormal Investigations (107)
    HPI Paranormal Investigations began as a paranormal investigative group in the San Francisco bay area in 2004.

    The President of our group is Shannon McCabe, who has a background in paranormal investigations as well as promotions, organization and other skills that will serve us well.

    HPI has a small group of core investigators for our private investigations, and a large group of investigators to further the knowledge of documented haunted locations.

    We conduct training classes periodically for those new to the field, teaching basic information and group protocols.

    We have regular meetings to discuss findings of investigations as well as plan future ones, and just to have fun too!

    We do large-scale investigations of documented haunted sites as well as smaller private investigations of homes and businesses.

    We respect and honor requests for confidentiality from clients and conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times.

    If you have unusual activity in your home or workplace and would like to get to the bottom of what's going on, feel free to contact us.
  • Haunted North Carolina (52)

    To the (literally) hundreds of people who wrote to us in response to our "help wanted" ad, we apologize for not responding in a timely manner. The fact is we have been inactive for the past six months. The reasons are varied and personal, and we put the ad up with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, life intervened, causing us to put HNC on the backburner for a while. There have been no investigations during this time, and the website has not been updated.

    The team met today to decide the future of HNC, and we have decided to go "back to basics" which is to say, we will focus on ghost hunting as opposed to media projects and public outreach. We have also decided to not bring on any more new team members until we clean up our own house. This does not mean we will never bring anyone else on, but we will consider new members on a case by case basis.

    We are also dissolving the position of Director. The problem over the last six months is that David and I have had personal issues that took our attention away from HNC. Leaving the team without direction. To ensure that this does not happen again, HNC is now a full democracy, with each member having an equal vote in the direction of the team. David and I will still be members of the team, and will act as lead investigators.

    We came out of this meeting with a renewed sense of committment to HNC and to returning to our true mission: investigating claims of paranormal pheneomena, and trying to scientifically explain them. As a popular TV show once stated, "The truth is out there." We want to find it.
  • Hautepotatokids Web (93)
    Spencer Hughes wife creates these custom kids clothing and we're happy to provide a link here to promote this great clothing ;>)
  • HPI Meetup Group (50)
    We are a paranormal investigative group in northern CA. We teach new and experienced ghost hunters the tips and tools for a successful hunt! We have TONS of events so make sure to check our calendar regularly! www.HPIparanormal.ne t 1-888-709-4HPI
  • TAPS (60)
    The Atlantic Paranormal Society
  • UFO Magazine EVP page (88)
    For those interested in hunting for Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) & other Spirit Communications Constantly searching for those elusive Unidentified Frequency Oscillations