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Practical Issues

  • Ghost Hunters and Malpractice Insurance (101)
    Itís not far off. The day when CNN splashes a story about a team of ghost hunters who leaves a clientís house and something ends up missing. The homeowner screams ďtheftĒ and thus it begins.

    Donít get me wrong, before you get angry. Iím not the harbinger of doom and gloom. On the contrary, I see the possibilities in this field. I see the possible positives and the possible negatives.
  • Ghost Hunting Hazards (90)
    Is ghost hunting dangerous? Absolutely. But so is driving a car and going to work. Virtually all activities in life carry some sort of risk; it is up to you to make informed choices about what you are willing to participate in. So what are the occupational hazards of paranormal investigation? It's more than you would think, I guarantee.
  • Of Poltergeists and Office Politics (101)
    Of poltergeists and office politics: The workplace issues of paranormal investigators