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  • California Society for Paranormal Research (83)
    California Society for Paranormal Research is based in California's Central Valley. We are very fortunate to have access to some of California's most historic haunted locations and private residences that experience paranormal phenomena. Please check back periodically as we post our reports and articles on our
    investigations of these sites.
  • Ghost Hunters International (186)

    First Spin-Off Of SCI FI's 'Ghost Hunters' To Premiere In January 2008

    New York, NY October 8, 2007 Building on the tremendous success of the hit reality series Ghost Hunters, SCI FI Channel has greenlit Ghost Hunters International, following the adventures of a new team of skeptical paranormal investigators as they travel all over Europe, applying their principles of scientific debunking to some of the continent's most legendary haunted spots. Ghost Hunters International is slated to debut on SCI FI in January 2008.

    Like their U.S. counterpart, TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), Ghost Hunters International is a squad of real-life "ghost-busters" - ordinary people who investigate and attempt to debunk claims of otherworldly activity. The new team will travel to different European cities each week in pursuit of the truth behind bizarre supernatural claims.

    Comprised of veteran TAPS investigators Robb Demarest, Andy Andrews, Brian Harnois, and Donna La Croix, along with Barry Fitzgerald (memorable from the Ghost Hunters' legendary investigations in Ireland) and newcomer Shannon Sylvia, the Ghost Hunters International crew is primed to uncover some of the most startling paranormal evidence yet!
  • Journey Paranormal Society (61)
    The Journey Paranormal Society™ consists of a small group of diverse individuals with eclectic educational and personal backgrounds. We are available to assist those who are experiencing unexplained paranormal activity. We will research the history behind the location in question, conduct an investigation (or multiple investigations if necessary) evaluate any evidence gathered.

    We will present to you, a summary of our findings along with suggestions and recommendations on how to peacefully co-exist with your unseen visitors or assist you (and them) in moving on with your lives... or their after-lives.
  • Meetup.Com for Ghost/Paranormal Groups (448)
    Meet fellow Ghost Trackers near you! Come to a Ghost Tracking Meetup to investigate hauntings, share mysterious images and hunt the eerie inhabitants of the paranormal realm!
  • Southern Ghost Hunters of South Georgia (99)
    The Southern Ghost Hunters of South Georgia is a non-profit, skilled paranormal investigation and research organization committed to seeking scientific evidence of other realms of existence with integrity, honesty and discretion. We offer free, discreet, investigations to those needing our help with these matters. We are based in the city of Tifton, South Georgia, and will travel to surrounding areas.
  • Washington Associates Researching the Paranormal (74)
    The mission of W.A.R.P is to assist clients by researching paranormal activity in an honest, scientific, and through manner while maintaining integrity, objectivity, and respect for all involved. It is our goal to provide each client with a better understanding of any unexplained phenomenon and provide any support they may require.