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  • How-To Guide for new investigators (91)
    No one can enforce rules upon independent ghost hunters. For that same reason, Hollow Hill cannot assume responsibility (or credit) for what happens during ghost hunts.

    Also, remember that the media often portrays ghosts and hauntings as something more dangerous and spectacular than they actually are. In fact, it's usually the small and subtle things which will startle you.

    For example, it's not the eerie moaning noises which will raise the hairs on the back of your neck, but the fact that the surroundings are far too quiet.

    Never use movies or TV shows as guidelines for your encounters with the paranormal.
  • Using a compass in your investigations (83)
    Ghost hunting... with a compass?

    Can a common, inexpensive hiking compass be a better ghost hunting tool than a $150 EMF meter?

    Until recently, we didn't think so.

    However, a series of tests with a sturdy $10 hiking compass surprised us. Even $5 compasses seem to work well. Now, we often use a hiking compass instead of EMF meters when we're ghost hunting.