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Inside of Bayley House

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Articles On January 4'th, 2009, myself and Christine B. of El Dorado Paranormal did a quick-strike drive through of the Pioneer Cemetery and Marshall Monument. When we left, we decided to do a quick check of the Bayley House and to run a few test EVPs to see if we were still getting a few readings there as in past encounters.

UPDATE: Check the Gallery for 2009 cases for EVPs and photos from the site. We caught a large number of EVPs and some interesting orb shots.

We arrived right around 2:30pm and decided to just walk around and noted a truck there in the rear of the house. A very cordial man approached us and we found that he was one of the caretakers doing restoration work on the Bayley House. After talking with him for a few minutes, he offered to give us  tour inside the facility. We found out that some groups do not respect the no-trespassing signs and a measure of gratitude from him that we had respected those boundaries and had asked nicely to see inside.

We didn't think it would be a full tour and perhaps just a peek inside. Instead, we didn't just get the first floor, but the entire building! It was stunnning to see how beautifully the Bailey House restoration was progressing and how much the stablization effort has been coming along to keep the building safe and structurally sound.

Three Haunts

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When discussing ghosts and investigations, one needs to address three areas

  1. Is it the property, house,
  2. Are the individuals that live there haunted?
  3. Does it matter?

Yes it does and I will tell you why. Though its easy to say " The property is haunted, so the house is. " Not so! The LAND is haunted. Case in point, I was working on a case in Tennessee, and a group I work with down there had phoned me and asked about this particular property they were standing on.  Using my remote viewing skills I told them there was a tree on the property that a black woman was hung from..she was thought to be a witch and was, in fact, into Voodoo. I was right..

But the thing to know about this is that she inhabited the PROPERTY, not the house.  She never appeared in the house, but the home owners said they could feel a presence not only on the land, but peering into the windows as well. Her energy only resonated outside. They never felt her inside and I told them they wouldn't..This woman vowed before she was hung to haunt the LAND..not the house. Though the house that stands is the original..She doesn't go inside. This is also called RESIDUAL haunting..we will discuss that later though.

What does it take?

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Being a paranormal investigator, I regularly interact with a variety of individuals in both the living and dead who may or may not be human (and that are saying the least!). Some living people believe in ghosts and some do not. Some would rather just not talk about it and chose to fiddle with their food when pressed to talk about the subject. I wish to focus on those that don’t believe. Why? Well because those that don't believe are the most fascinating to me.

There are REASONS why they don't believe and this does fascinate me. It always comes down to PROOF! Proof, proof and proof!

What KIND of proof? In my case, I have captured pictures, videos, EVPs. Among other things. I am also a sensitive, and can usually tell you something about yourself, family, and situations.

You get the picture. I wouldn’t know what its like to NOT see ghosts, as I’ve been doing it all my life. Good, bad, ugly. Whatever I can see it. I get used to talking to people that think they have seen something that they can’t explain.


Ancient Ghost Hunter

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Articles Recently, I began to wonder exactly *when* people began hunting ghosts and a search on Google revealed a brief writing about the Roman poet Lucretius, who was an early writer about the paranormal and who seems to have sought out ghosts

Historical records clearly demonstrate that the Roman Poet Lucretius was a passionate believer in ghosts who devoted a great deal of time to investigating and researching claims of apparitions.

He eventually gathered enough material together to propose the theory, commonly known as Lucretius's shell, which ghosts were a kind of shell, which diffused or splintered from the body of a dying person and lingered in the atmosphere after death, moving at will.
This theory is considered the forerunner of theories regarding the possible existence of the astral body, which may separate from the body of a living being under altered states of consciousness, such as trance or deep sleep.

Lucretius is thought to have died raving mad from the effects of a love potion administered to him by his wife.

Lucretius is thought to have not been so much as believing in ghosts as having attempted to explain the non-existence of the person after death. This seeming disconnection with the prior writing does have some explanation however.

His death and dates of birth and death are also generalized and not specific, hinting at a more complicated existence and that the writings of him may be much more confused. Care must be taken in stating these things with certainty. His death was probably not a potion induced death and there are some indications it may have been something more sinister that claimed his life.

There does seem to be consensus that he only put forth the theory in public while privately espousing the belief in life-after-death and the existence of apparitions.

Journey Paranormal in 2009

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Having hunted with the good folks at Journey Paranormal in October 2008, I received an email from them this evening with the great events that they plan for 2009. We want to share this for those in the Northern California area who may wish to attend these events in the coming year.

Visit this link to view the great events this Southern California-based team will be planning for 2009!

I'll hunt with this team any time! They worry about each investigator's safety, operate as professionals and are friends of GRI. Anytime they wish to investigate jointly, we're more than glad to work with them!

-- Jon Almada - Founder - Ghost-Rider-Investigations

Space weather and paranormal events

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Articles The Sun and it's storms affect the paranormal more than people would think. Given that this solar cycle is characterized by low activity on the sun and fewer than normal numbers of sunspots, it would be interesting to see if there has been a notable downturn in the numbers of paranormal events on the planet as a correlation. Similarly, as the solar activity increases, the theory holds that there are increased numbers of paranormal events to match the solar cycle events.

Ghosts and spirits depend on increased energy to manifest, be it in the form of storms, rain, loud sounds and, even space weather changes like auroras and geo-magnetic storms. So it makes sense to try to forecast when we might see more activity on the basis of space weather as a potential driver of increased paranormal events.

Ten Best EVPs of 2008

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Articles  We're starting the first of what we hope will be many EVP top tens. Our first year of operations has netted hundreds of EVPs and we want to present what we feel to the be the best of the best. We'll provide links to each, with the format being a top-ten countdown to the best of the best.

Each EVP link will have a story behind it to give you the inside skinny on what happened and how we picked it up!

So come with us, on a journey through the many cases of 2008 here at GRI. We've seen the site take off with literally tens of thousands of visits and we thank you, our members and the sites we investigated for their gracious time and help!

On to the top ten!

Do you believe in Angels?

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I have on occasion, been visited by Angels. Some call them their Guardians..and this has merit.

There are beings that you either can or cannot see, that are looking out for your own well being, and those around you. I have a video link for you, and if this doesn't lead you to believe in Angels, I hope it spurs your curiosity to research this phenomenon a bit further. Bless you always, and may your Guardian Angels always see you safely home!!


Tomcat adds more

Angels exist in a hierarchy and are part of many religious faiths.  The list below defines more for the reader:

  1. A typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth, especially in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism.
  2. A representation of such a being, especially in Christianity, conventionally in the image of a human figure with a halo and wings.
  3. angels Christianity. The last of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology. From the highest to the lowest in rank, the orders are: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations or dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.
  4. A guardian spirit or guiding influence.
    1. A kind and lovable person.
    2. One who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness.
  5. Informal. A financial backer of an enterprise, especially a dramatic production or a political campaign.

For more information on angels, read on...

December 20th Day Investigations

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Articles On December 20'th, myself and Christine B, from El Dorado Paranormal, joined forces to do a radio show at her 1 PM Saturday show at  KFOK studio and then left from that location to head out to do a day-tour of known haunted spots around the county.

We arrived at 12:45pm to prepare for an interview with Alexandra Holzer, the daughter of the well-known paranormal book writer and investigator, Hans Holzer. Little did we know what a totally fun person Alexandra would be. After the public announcement spots (and I did my first commercial ever!) with Alexandra on the line, we found ourselves laughing at the stories and observations that Alexandra told us about her life. She runs a group of investigators out of New York called "New York City's Pretty Paranormals Intuitive Investigative Team" or "NYCPP" for short.

Alexandra has a refreshing saying:

""Be an independent in the field of the paranormal and WORK with others as one big universal team."

Now *this* is ideal to see in our field! I'm impressed and think that this should be a standard saying and practice on all sites!  It's how we should be as investigation groups, sharing knowledge, ideas, techniques and data openly!

Old evidence and EVPs

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Articles On August 18'th, 2007, I had just investigated the Albert Shafsky House Bed and Breakfast with a local paranormal group who led a tour that day of Placerville. The entire event was captured over a one hour period with a number of investigators reaching the second floor and sitting for a long time in the parlor where we had a great time talking over old cases and the like.

I had forgotten that I had run my first little MP3 recorder, an Iriver model IFP 900, during that talk and what happened was that I put the recorder away and then promptly forgot about that evidence. To make a long story short, I found the evidence the other day and ran a standard analysis on it and was surprised at what happened during our talks. The sounds of men and women talking, whispers and the odd noises of what sounds like poker chips permeate the recording. Based on the evidence collected, I'd say that the Albert Shafsky House Bed and Breakfast does merit investigation by a smaller team to do focused EVP work there to see what comes up on the second floor.