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Journey Paranormal in 2009

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Having hunted with the good folks at Journey Paranormal in October 2008, I received an email from them this evening with the great events that they plan for 2009. We want to share this for those in the Northern California area who may wish to attend these events in the coming year.

Visit this link to view the great events this Southern California-based team will be planning for 2009!

I'll hunt with this team any time! They worry about each investigator's safety, operate as professionals and are friends of GRI. Anytime they wish to investigate jointly, we're more than glad to work with them!

-- Jon Almada - Founder - Ghost-Rider-Investigations
About Journey Paranormal Society

Journey Paranormal Society consists of a small group of diverse individuals with eclectic educational and personal backgrounds. We are available to assist those who are experiencing unexplained paranormal activity. We will research the history behind the location in question, conduct an investigation (or multiple investigations if necessary) evaluate any evidence gathered.

We will present to you, a summary of our findings along with suggestions and recommendations on how to peacefully co-exist with your unseen visitors or assist you (and them) in moving on with your lives... or their after-lives.

Based in Southern California, we are available to help you with your paranormal or unexplained activity, regardless of your geographical location. Please rest assured, we value your privacy and will proceed with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Our services are offered at no cost, without agenda. Our only desire is to help you, and perhaps by doing so, gain answers, knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the mysterious world that we all eventually discover.

Sharon Coyle  and  Marcia Miller, Co-Founders

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