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What does it take?

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Being a paranormal investigator, I regularly interact with a variety of individuals in both the living and dead who may or may not be human (and that are saying the least!). Some living people believe in ghosts and some do not. Some would rather just not talk about it and chose to fiddle with their food when pressed to talk about the subject. I wish to focus on those that don’t believe. Why? Well because those that don't believe are the most fascinating to me.

There are REASONS why they don't believe and this does fascinate me. It always comes down to PROOF! Proof, proof and proof!

What KIND of proof? In my case, I have captured pictures, videos, EVPs. Among other things. I am also a sensitive, and can usually tell you something about yourself, family, and situations.

You get the picture. I wouldn’t know what its like to NOT see ghosts, as I’ve been doing it all my life. Good, bad, ugly. Whatever I can see it. I get used to talking to people that think they have seen something that they can’t explain.


So, the living call me for my particular skills and I go over to their homes and businesses and try to get as much info as I can, and help them reach a conclusion, to ease their minds. These individuals have an edge; they think they have seen something in their home or business, so the seed of discovery has been planted in their minds and yet, they need validation from people like me!

No one likes to admit they saw something that others might think they are crazy to admit to, so they roll out the denial carpet and sweep everything underneath it. I try to get people to talk about what they see, hear, or feel.

If you are reading this and there is no way in hell you believe ghosts, spirits, entities, or anything supernatural exists, Id like to ask you why. What would it take to get you to believe what I see, hear, and feel?

What kind of evidence would you need to maybe at least sit on the fence and be curious about these beings that are part of MY every day life. Don’t tell me you are afraid. If that’s your answer then you have seen, heard, or felt something you can’t explain, and maybe we should talk about it.

At least hammer it out so you’re not afraid anymore. If you’re truly just a skeptic, I want to hear from you. 99.9% of all things on the planet have an explanation. That .1% is what we need to open up dialog about, and discuss.