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Inside of Bayley House

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Articles On January 4'th, 2009, myself and Christine B. of El Dorado Paranormal did a quick-strike drive through of the Pioneer Cemetery and Marshall Monument. When we left, we decided to do a quick check of the Bayley House and to run a few test EVPs to see if we were still getting a few readings there as in past encounters.

UPDATE: Check the Gallery for 2009 cases for EVPs and photos from the site. We caught a large number of EVPs and some interesting orb shots.

We arrived right around 2:30pm and decided to just walk around and noted a truck there in the rear of the house. A very cordial man approached us and we found that he was one of the caretakers doing restoration work on the Bayley House. After talking with him for a few minutes, he offered to give us  tour inside the facility. We found out that some groups do not respect the no-trespassing signs and a measure of gratitude from him that we had respected those boundaries and had asked nicely to see inside.

We didn't think it would be a full tour and perhaps just a peek inside. Instead, we didn't just get the first floor, but the entire building! It was stunnning to see how beautifully the Bailey House restoration was progressing and how much the stablization effort has been coming along to keep the building safe and structurally sound. We did get photographs and audio, which will be posted soon. The photos will show various rooms that were lived in by A.J. Bayley and his wife, the kitchen, wine-cellar, servants quarters, the top floor deck area just below the observatory roof and much more.

The wood and fixtures are in very good condition for a 150 year old building, with the entire building  is in great condition. The wood is all first-growth timber and we noted how little structural damage has occurred. With another decade of work, this building should be recovering or fully restored and it seems that the intent of the forces watching over the building that it be restored to it's glory and to become part of the community for future benefit of the region.

None of the paintings, fixtures (save for a few scraps) or gas fittings seem to have remained. We did find that a lot of artifacts have been recovered due to storage in certain museums in the past and that these will be re-united with the building when it is fully restored.

Investigation-wise, we had the basics - old-school work - camera, A K-II meter and digital audio recorder. No EMF readings were noted in the building. There is no power in the facility and so no false readings would have been noted, but the site has had many EVPs and we think there will be a fair number on the recording we did make. We'll be posting these as soon as possible.

We wish to thank the Bayley House restoration group and will post more information about how you can help save Bayley House and to thank the spirits of those who have somehow made it so this landmark survives to the current day.