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November 2008 Site of the Month: CJ EVP Radio

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Articles The November 2008 Site of the Month is CJ EVP Radio, a weekly program of the paranormal.

This program offers a wide range of interesting guests and topics and is professionally edited and produced on Blog Talk Radio.  Christine, the host and creator of this site is a seasoned paranormal investigator and also hosts a thriving internet forum where many people gather to share EVPs and discuss techniques and to seek advice in their dealings with this most interesting of subjects.

Christine relates the following from her IAmHaunted page for CJ EVP Radio:

My name is Christine, I have been researching and recording for EVP for almost (4) years now. It was shortly after the passing of my sister from cancer, I guess having a family member pass, you always want to know that they go on to something bigger and better. I received what I believe to be spirit voices my first time recording. This was also a validating evp as well, the voice said something I could not have known any thing about… but the person who was helping me at the time knew exactly what it meant (if this makes sense lol).

Needless to say I was
hooked after this. I then became a member of the AA EVP and started my own website so that I could share my recordings with others. Things have snowballed since then (in a good way, of course).

I now have a Forum with a great bunch of members. I also hold weekly chats on my site every Wednesday night at 8pm CST we have Open Chat Night! Also be sure to check out the radio show CJ EVP Radio where Psychic Medium Patty Pepin will be giving free mini readings to our listeners that call in. We will also have a special treat at the end of these shows, we'll be giving away to one lucky member of the chat room a free (30) minutes private phone reading with Patty! You don't want to miss it!!!

Return from Hornet

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Articles It almost didn't happen. My father had a medical situation that nearly canceled the trip planned for an overnight event aboard the U.S.S. Hornet. My father's situation turned around rather quickly and, at the last moment possible, I suddenly found myself on the road to Alameda and to visit the U.S.S. Hornet on Halloween of 2008.

Arriving about two hours later, the ship swung into view as my TomTom cheerily voiced my arrival using the voice of Kim Catrell.

Hornet dominates the view... An imposing sight with aircraft dotting the deck and with the word "massive" being an understatement. It's superstructure must have been an object of terror to any enemy who came under it's unfortunate attention when provoked. It must have commanded respect and even fear when it sailed the seas for the twenty-odd years it traversed the world's oceans.

Investigation 102608 - Jay Hawk Cemetery in Rescue California

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Articles It was a spur of the moment thing. I was in the GRI Mustang, cruising home when I decided to take a look around Rescue and see if I could spot any cemeteries in the area. Taking Deer Valley Road off of Green Valley Road, I ended up diving straight into beautiful countryside on this crisp Autumn day and within a few minutes, I was rewarded with finding Jay Hawk Cemetery.

I pulled in to the gates and parked. I had only my EVP recorder and a notepad with me, so I walked inside the cemetery and got about ten paces in and stopped dead in my tracks.

While a well-kept cemetery, this place was *different*. And I mean so in the spooky sense. There is something weird about the place and the energy was far different from the other cemeteries I've been visiting in the area. The feeling was one of a sort of disquiet and very unsettling.

My Grandmother

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Ghost Stories

One of my Grandmothers died when I was about 10. We had a memorial service for her, and grieved. She was cool as hell. Shortly thereafter I began to see her. She looked like my Grandma except she was about 20 years old. She haunted me for years...When I was 15 she was standing by my bed.

I woke up and saw her standing there, and she held her hand out to me, like she wanted me to go with her somewhere. I just went back to sleep. I don't think she liked that much, because shortly thereafter, bad things began to happen in our house, though at first stuff happened when I was home alone, and I quickly learned to not BE home by myself.

It was HIDEOUS. The lights would go on and off by themselves, someone would laugh at me a lot, and the pool balls use to float in the air. She would also throw plates at me, and they would shatter on the floor. I would tell my parents about it, but they looked at me like I was nuts. Then stuff started happening to THEM, and then they started asking me what was going on. I told em about seeing my Grandma, and that I thought it was her. They were like, " Oh great."

Cooperative events news feeds for local paranormal groups.

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Articles If you are a local paranormal research group in and around the Sacramento area, we would be more than happy to host RSS feeds of your events calendar here on GRI to help your event succeed. Feel free to contact us to let us know your feed information and we'll be pleased to add your announcements to our left menu.

We also have a cooperative program running for Washington state, with key groups in the Seattle area to announce their events since we have remote members there also.


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I've not given much thought to Premonitions, I mean I've had them yes..But dismiss them quickly.  I guess because I'm a sensitive, one out weighs the other.  I have 6 Guardian Angels that guide me, and I don't remember much of my dreams. 

Some of my friends have rather disturbing dreams that they remember; often times involving death on a grand scale, or a loved one. I had a friend that had a dream his dog was hit by a car..that was 10 years ago and his dog is still alive and kicking.

This poses a question to me..How long of time between the time you dream of doom to the time it happens do you deem it  a " Premonition?" If my friends dog had mysteriously died right after he told me about his dream, and specifically hit by a car, Id say the chances of his dream having something to do with it more likely then say, 3 years later. 

Case #101808 - Shingle Springs Cemetery Investigation

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Articles Myself and K. Gilligan investigated the Shingle Springs cemetery this evening (10/18/08) and took along a Sony ICD-P520 recorder and a Sony 60 GB digital video camera with infrared enhancement attachment.

The goal was to investigate the cemetery at sundown to evaluate the quality of EVPs captured in the evening against the extraordinary capture during the daylight hours in the early part of October 2008.

Upon arriving, we immediately set about recording EVPs, starting with William Palmer, the gentleman we believe so kindly spoke to myself on the first investigation of the cemetery. Later analysis showed no answer from the several minutes of EVP work done with his tomb. We set about moving through the entire cemetery to see if we could capture recordings as we worked our way through the cemetery perimeter.

At around 40 minutes into the investigation, I turned and noted that I saw a human-form shadow pass from my left to right on the top of the hill facing to the southwest. The sighting lasted no more than 2 to 3 seconds, but was distinct and it crossed in front of headstones and also behind a pine tree and then was seen no more.

Spooky snap taken at aquarium

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IT’S just what you’d expect to see in a snap from an aquarium. A shark, blue water — and a disembodied HUMAN HEAD.

Emma Place, 21, took this eerie photo on her phone at Hull’s £53million attraction The Deep.

Boffins at the aquarium admit they are baffled by the appearance of the man’s face, which appears to be gawping up at a shark

Dentistry student Emma, of Doncaster, only spotted the ghoulish face when she arrived home.

She said: “My boyfriend said, ‘what’s that?’ I replied, ‘it’s a shark’.


“He said, ‘no, the face.’ I was like, oh my God! It actually looks quite spooky.

“I’m easily freaked-out.”

Lycanthropy... A discussion of shape-shifting.

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Kat Lang is a remote member of GRI and is a sensitive and writer who brings research, history and articles about tradition to our visitors. We felt that the discussion of shape-shifters and Indian traditions added an interesting dimension to discussions about the paranormal. Some of the topical matter may be seen as controversial, especially the use of peyote. We present the article, not as an endorsement of Peyote use, but to educate and inform the reader. -- Tomcat

The Dictionary and Science defines Lycanthropy as someone changing into a werewolf, or a wolf. In reality, Lycanthropy is a very private, closed off ceremony for the high priests and Medicine Men of Indian tribes, and the shape shifter himself. Indians have spirit guides..whether it be an eagle, bear or wolf. There are many spirit guides including salmon, and hawks. In order for the Indians to get in touch with these guides for their guidance and path they should take in life, they must become their guide.

Peyote Buttons grow in the tempered, and dry air in the desert regions of the United States. Peyote Buttons are horrible tasting, dry mushroom type plants that are similar to an LSD high..Lots of people have died from ingesting too much of them. However, under the supervision of an experienced shaman, they can put the individual in touch with a spirit guide, and, as stated before, the ceremony is quite private. Not all Indian tribes subscribe to Lycanthropy; however, not many Indians will dispute the existence of shape shifting.

The ceremony itself begins with the intended shape shifter declaring his spirit guide, and that he wishes to become one with the guide. He will take a small bite of Peyote, and the drum beats begin, along with the chanting to call forth the guide. This ceremony can take hours, and the intention is for the shape shifter to gain knowledge from the guide; he can take the form of the guide for a short time. There is indeed more speculation as to this ceremony then there is actual fact. Again, these are intensely private ceremonies. It doesn't matter to these tribes what the white man, or anyone else believes about this practice; it is the Indians heritage, it is their belief.

Doing your own investigations...

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Articles I've been doing investigations for a number of years now and noted that investigations were always hit and miss with actual field time being something of a tough thing to get time to do.

Getting out and spending quality time was somewhat of a treat rather than a routine matter. When I counted the number of investigations I had been on in two years, it came to less than a dozen. And that really got to me. In fact, I didn't like it.

I'm a professional programmer and spend a lot of time immersed in new technologies. As a mentor, I also encourage my students to just dive into a subject, question everything and to not be afraid of failure. I advise them to regularly measure and examine what they get out of something with regard to the effort placed in. This is true for many things in life, including paranormal investigations.

So I took my own advice after years of work and collection of expensive gear for doing paranormal research and began to weigh what this was getting me and I realized that the gear won't do it's job unless it is put to work. Frequently. And I only take the gear that the case demands rather than weighing myself down with exotic tools that find limited use. It's a matter of workhorse tools that can be trusted friends on most investigations.

This is a real problem in field research of all types. As an information scientist myself, I look at science in terms of how one deals with implementing theory, research and collection of evidence to back these theories. Balance that with available time and budget and you begin to understand the realities.