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2010 Grand Tour in planning stages...

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Articles We're in the initial phases of planning our upcoming 2010 hunting season. I'm making the needed inquiries for a grand-tour of the Western U.S. for a blitzkrieg-style hunt with our mobile research lab of the western U.S. The lab will have all needed equipment and also provides a means of staying overnight at remote locales with all the comforts we would need on-hand.

I'm making plans for a two to three person team to do a two to three week tour of the U.S. with planned stops to interact with other paranormal and UFO teams. Our focus on this tour will be to look for cases that overlap with UFO activity. Specific focus will be on orbs and the rash of sightings taking place in both paranormal and UFO cases.

We ourselves have noted blue orbs on a number of our cases. Here is a chance to do some original research over a huge cross-section of the U.S. specifically designed to seek out and investigation potential orb activity. We will, however, take advantage of doing more conventional paranormal investigation as it presents itself during the trip

Haunted History Ghost Walk Tour of Canal Fulton by Sherri Brake www.HauntedHistory.net

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Articles Our eastern-most member, Christine B, sends us this article from her adventures from Canal Fulton near the Ohio area where she currently resides. On with the article! Click HERE to view the original article in PDF format with all photos associated with it.

On October 16, 2009 a few friends and I took part in a Historical Ghost Walk Tour in the Akron suburb of Canal Fulton. The old Erie Canal runs through the center of town, so there is lots of history in the area.

We arrived about an hour before the tour was scheduled to begin, so we decided to walk down North Canal Street. We found a delightful teddy bear shop open (Keillor’s), so we entered it to take a look around.

There were hundreds of adorable stuffed bears in the shop, but as soon as I walked into the store I felt a spirit presence. I walked up to the shop keeper and asked if the building was haunted. The owner, Linda Keillor, was very gracious and didn’t seem at all put off by my question. “As a matter of fact,” she told us, “There is a ghost named Agatha in the building, and she hangs out in the basement.”

The Ohio and Erie Canal was completed in 1832. The canal’s route ran along the path of the Cuyahoga and Tuscarawas River valley, formerly the site of the most important north- south Indian trail in Eastern Ohio. The canal ran from Cleveland on Lake Erie to Portsmouth on the Ohio River.

Ghost-Tech - Low tech... All this stuff to use and not enough hands.

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Articles I've been, admittedly, a tech junkie when it comes to paranormal investigations. It's a tough thing to go out and try to use all the gear we use, especially when you are on uncoordinated hunts with no team and it's all on you to get your evidence.

One of the biggest problems is getting clean audio on mobile EVP while going through all the confusion of a hunt. The audio quality definitely suffers when you are handling the device with one hand and trying to do other things like run a camera and EVP meter.

I've struggled with different scenarios until I was inspired by the idea of taking a wrist band with a pocket to hold my MP3 recorder. I figure that with two of them, one with the recorder and the other with environment sensors like EMF detectors and a temperature sensor, you could get immediate readings of an environment with hands-free to handle a camera or deal with climbing in and around difficult areas.

Graveyards - A Poem by Christine B. - A member of GRI...

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When my soul is restless

And things seem out of line,

I visit an old graveyard

To take a mystical step back in time.


I find the oldest tombstones

Then read the messages there;

I consider what their days had been

And how our lives in ways compare.


We all have lived though heartaches

As well as episodes of fun;

Surviving loss of loved ones,

And rewarded for a job well done.


Sometimes if I'm very still

 I can hear what they have to say

And feel them reaching out to me

Grateful for my momentary stay.


Christine B. © 2009

In defense of TAPS

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Articles As many of you know, I've hunted with TAPS members on a couple of occasions and I've always found them to be very polite and somewhat shy people.

They've got their opinions on things and I've concluded that they are famous folks who sometimes are a little bewildered at the sheer mass of humanity watching them at all times.

For many moons now, I've watched folks sit in judgment of this episode or that and who take issue with TAPS and GHI's approaches to things. A lot of things are charged. Everything from outright faking of evidence to personal attacks for reasons that border on the insane.

I've wondered where this all comes from. Considering how easy it is these days to capture EVP and other evidence with the sheer numbers of haunts now known to exist, WHY would one of the more experienced teams in the world fake evidence?

I heard it (in person) best said at a conference where GHI and TAPS were present and they said if they ever got caught doing such things, it would wreck the entire paranormal field. And their opinions on how easy it is to catch evidence made it clear to me that they had their priorities pretty well figured out. I think that they are on the level and  that we can trust their investigations and evidence presentations unless evidence is brought forth to prove otherwise.

Geophone Project for GRI

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Articles I saw it in action over at the Wolfe Manor in November of last year and I decided that one day I'd have to get one. I'm talking, of course, about Geophones.

While sitting with Britt and Amy from TAPS on the top floor of the Wolfe Manor, I watched as these amazing devices reacted to the slightest touch. While the results were not clear for that investigation, I've been on enough hunts where we've heard footsteps and experienced wall knocks that I knew I'd eventually need some mean of detecting these things with a visual cueing system like this. I do think they can work but a team needs to use a lot of care in deployment and have rules in place to dictate the use of the geophone on a case. More on this later in the article.

A geophone is a device for measuring seismic vibrations. The large sensor has enough mass inside it to freely move a potentiometer or coil based device to then provide a signal to the electronics that amplify and record the signal in some form or another. They are not new to the world but they are new in paranormal research.

I had no idea of where to procure one, but decided it had to be some sort of relatively easy circuit build with a massive vibration sensor of some sort.

Then, today, I decided to do a show about paranormal research with Geophones and saw an article with a link to a kit that is probably the ultimate easy-build! BGMicro has the kits in stock and I immediately ordered one.

I've got a fully equipped electronics bench, so it will be pretty simple to build the kit. The photo shows that  the circuit is a very simple board with a few components, an IC chip and one very massive sensor. I'm going to put mine in a very slick enclosure for field work and use with video investigations.

We're going to do a show on Geophones in October and will discuss their construction, the potential uses of them and to talk turkey with guests who have had use of them in the field.

A great article and video on building your own was done recently on the Denver Paranormal Examiner by Alejandro Rojas and we include the link and video here for your enjoyment..


TAPS looks to be using the same circuit as Alejandro used and it seems that BG Micro has a winner of a kit on it's hands. The cost is very reasonable, about $30 and one of the easier kit builds you can do for homemade paranormal gear. Britt's video on Youtube is shown below and you'll see the BG Micro kit in this video:


I liked TAPS approach with the big metal base for their device. I'm inclined to test a range of materials to see what is easy to work with and can be fit into my already crowded bag of tricks when I hunt. I think a metal block would do well to secure the instrument to the floor but a rubber or plastic brick of some sort might also do as well. We'll detail our construction in this article when the kit arrives and we start work on it.

I'll detail the construction of mine in this article as an addendum and Youtube video later on when we get the kit.

Ghost Rider Paranormal Radio on 9/11/09 at 8:00 Pacific: Spencer Hughes of Fox Across America is our special guest!

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Join us as we interview ghost-hunter and Fox Across America radio personality, Spencer Hughes! at 8:00pm Pacific, September 11, 2009 . Due to illness on 9/4/09, we moved this show to that date... Jon

We met Spencer in July aboard U.S.S. Hornet and he is one dive-in-and-hunt kind of ghost hunter! We'll learn more about his past paranormal experiences, ideas about life and more!

Experimenting with EM and the Paranormal

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Articles For some time now, I've come to the conclusion that Ghosts and Spirits are life forms. Yes, you heard right. Consider the following definition for "life" and you'll see why:

Life (cf. biota) is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have self-sustaining biological processes ("alive," "living"), from those which do not —either because such functions have ceased (death), or else because they lack such functions and are classified as "inanimate."

In biology, the science that studies living organisms, "life" is the condition which distinguishes active organisms from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, functional activity and the continual change preceding death. A diverse array of living organisms (life forms) can be found in the biosphere on Earth, and properties common to these organisms—plants, animals, fungi, protists, archaea, and bacteria — are a carbon- and water-based cellular form with complex organization and heritable genetic information. Living organisms undergo metabolism, maintain homeostasis, possess a capacity to grow, respond to stimuli, reproduce and, through natural selection, adapt to their environment in successive generations. More complex living organisms can communicate through various means.

Given the notion that we exclude "death" in the common sense from a "ghost", then it would follow that any entity capable of sustaining itself by "feeding" on energy (as we do as biologicals) would qualify as "living".

Since I've removed the mystical definition in this overly simplistic model (my point being to get you to think in a new way about the afterlife and the dead), I've become convinced that it is possible to stimulate paranormal activity in controlled circumstances by using electricity as the "food".

Considering that spirits existed long before we had the tools we had now, one could make the theory that DC (direct current) sources of power might be the answer to how these entities derive their power. So this may explain the predominance of ghostly activity in thunderstorms.