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Ghost-Tech - Low tech... All this stuff to use and not enough hands.

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Articles I've been, admittedly, a tech junkie when it comes to paranormal investigations. It's a tough thing to go out and try to use all the gear we use, especially when you are on uncoordinated hunts with no team and it's all on you to get your evidence.

One of the biggest problems is getting clean audio on mobile EVP while going through all the confusion of a hunt. The audio quality definitely suffers when you are handling the device with one hand and trying to do other things like run a camera and EVP meter.

I've struggled with different scenarios until I was inspired by the idea of taking a wrist band with a pocket to hold my MP3 recorder. I figure that with two of them, one with the recorder and the other with environment sensors like EMF detectors and a temperature sensor, you could get immediate readings of an environment with hands-free to handle a camera or deal with climbing in and around difficult areas.
The idea is to scale down the technology to as small as possible with footprint and to make it feasible to store the devices on your body with wrist or even leg straps to provide the needed hand freedom to do other things (like hold a flashlight).

I did briefly experiment with the flashlight option with a cap-clip light, but people didn't like that in their eyes and I've wondered about putting a small prism to angle the light downward to make things better. Another option would be to have the light clipped to the wrist band so it can be stored and then used as needed.

Another option for the headband light would be to wire a micro-switch in place to allow you to easily switch it off through a wire down to the wrist-band.

I've also looked at inexpensive flight suits with many pockets to provide you with all the storage you need while keeping you warmer. The only thing is that it would really make you look more geeky than the other items I've talked about here. Still, for private work or work in cold places that require lots of climbing around, you might not beat such an outfit for sheer comfort and utility.

I think, at a minimum, taking a wristband, one EVP recorder and a small point-and-shoot camera plus spare batteries is your best pack-and-run option for most investigations. I'm curious as to what other folks think about all of this with exploration of this sort of technology for wearing your ghost-tech and to maybe come up with evolutions of these ideas or even better ones.