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My Grandmother

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One of my Grandmothers died when I was about 10. We had a memorial service for her, and grieved. She was cool as hell. Shortly thereafter I began to see her. She looked like my Grandma except she was about 20 years old. She haunted me for years...When I was 15 she was standing by my bed.

I woke up and saw her standing there, and she held her hand out to me, like she wanted me to go with her somewhere. I just went back to sleep. I don't think she liked that much, because shortly thereafter, bad things began to happen in our house, though at first stuff happened when I was home alone, and I quickly learned to not BE home by myself.

It was HIDEOUS. The lights would go on and off by themselves, someone would laugh at me a lot, and the pool balls use to float in the air. She would also throw plates at me, and they would shatter on the floor. I would tell my parents about it, but they looked at me like I was nuts. Then stuff started happening to THEM, and then they started asking me what was going on. I told em about seeing my Grandma, and that I thought it was her. They were like, " Oh great."

Then one day my dad came in the house through the garage door and saw me on the stairs hanging on for dear life..Someone or something tried to throw me down the stairs, and I had a hold of the railing, and kept on hanging on. I was screaming, and he tried to grab me off the stairs, but found himself in a tug of war with this thing.

It was INSANE. Pretty soon I went to stay with friends, just to get some rest and a break from the insanity that had taken over our house. This kind of stuff went on for a few years..I finally just moved out and never went back but to visit for a little while. I seemed to be the target, though stuff happened a lot there, it got worse when I was there. I never could figure out why she did that to me, and my family.

I was at my moms house today, and she told me that my dad had my Grandmas ashes in the house when we lived there...I NEVER knew that until today. So now it makes sense.  I'm glad my mom told me that, as I've never had real closure to the events that occurred so long ago. I've heard stories from others about keeping remains in the house and having strange stuff go on. I believe I can now get closure for this strange time in my life, and move on. It has always bothered me why these events occurred. I finally think I have the answer.

I dunno what my dad ever did with those remains,  my mom doesnt know either. Hopefully he did the right thing, and gave her a proper service  in his own way.  I havent seen her since that time, and hope she is finally at peace.