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Hunting at Wolfe Manor - November 29, 2008

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Articles Mary's room at the second floor of Wolfe ManorOn November 29'th, 2008, I walked into the Wolfe Manor gathering. having arrived after a 200 mile drive to Fresno at the hotel where TAPS and Ghost Hunters International was featured along with other interesting groups and speakers. It was well worth the drive and a treat after a year of building up GRI as an investigating organization.

Mark and Debby Constantino were amazing presenters and their slide show on EVPs and methods to improve captures was very enlightening.

I was especially taken with the notion of bringing gifts to locations where spirits might be and, in fact, had done so on November 27'th, two days prior to this event, and had great results with it.

In my own case, I took pumpkins to a local cemetery to give back a little something to the locals interred there and the EVPs that were picked up were mostly "thank yous". It was nice to learn I was on the right track. After all, it's one thing to hear spirits, another to interact with them in profitable and enjoyable ways and being nice and doing something for them was something I was gravitating to always.


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I have always wanted to write out a story about this creature. There is another article written about it that I am very close to, but I dictated it to the Bigfoot Society, and they posted it in their magazine. Why you ask did I do that? Well... I must tell you I've seen of these creatures during my life and they are unforgettable.

I have seen two and one of them left footprints that are currently housed at the Anthropology Lab at Washington State University in Pullman. I saw this one in Coeur d'Alene Idaho back in 1976.  I will NEVER forget it.

Our family had friends that had a few cabins just above Lake Coeur d'Alene and we used to go there for a few weeks in the summer and hang out. Me and my sister were allowed to bring friends with us, and it was always a good time.

We would spent the long summer days boating, skiing, playing kick the can and getting spooked in the woods at night. If you have never been to Coeur d'Alene, it in itself is pretty creepy. It is kinda like being at Camp Crystal Lake in the movie " Friday the 13th."

Radio interview - Journey Paranormal and some of my EVPs played.

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Articles I was a call-in guest on Annette's show on BlogTalkRadio with Journey Paranormal guests Marcia Miller and Sharon Coyle. The show can be heard here:


Three of my clips from the operating room next to sick bay were played and I was very honored to be asked to call in to talk over my evidence and to interact with the host and guests. Annette runs a quality show and it was great to speak with Sharon and Marcia again!

Clarksville Cemetery

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Articles We visited Clarksville Cemetery on November 22'nd 2008 after wanting to visit this beautiful cemetery for many years. It is plainly visible to those who know where to look on Highway 50 as people drive east towards Placerville.

Having an hour to spare, I drove to the nearby church, parked and climbed the hill to the cemetery. The grounds are surrounded by a fence and the rear fence is currently down. The site appears to be publicly accessible and thus I carefully and quietly entered with camera and evp gear in hand. The gear used was a Kodak Easyshare Z740 and a Sony ICD-P620. These are my workhorse tools, easy to carry, lightweight and rugged for most jobs.

I collected a large number of EVPs on this 45 minute jaunt and was surprised to find intelligent responses in a number of the captures. Over 100 photos were taken since there appear to be only a few sites with pictures and a current bevy of them probably didn't hurt to have on hand.

The photo and audio archive can be viewed and heard on this site at this link. I highly recommend downloading some of the MP3s to listen to the less clear EVPs and tell us what you think.

Pennies from Heaven

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Articles I was at work today, and kept finding pennies where I would walk, or sit. I've always picked them up, and said, " Thank you!! " and put them in my pocket. I've collected hundreds of them.

They appear out of thin air. Where I had been sitting moments before, now appeared to have a penny right below the chair.

I collected five of them this evening..sometimes I collect more, sometimes less. I've always lent an ear to the myth that when you find these pennies, someone that has died is thinking of you. I wanted to get some feedback from all of you reading this..What is your take on this theory? Have you had any strange occurrences with this phenomenon? Let me know if you would. I am formulating a thesis for this subject.

November 2008 Site of the Month: CJ EVP Radio

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Articles The November 2008 Site of the Month is CJ EVP Radio, a weekly program of the paranormal.

This program offers a wide range of interesting guests and topics and is professionally edited and produced on Blog Talk Radio.  Christine, the host and creator of this site is a seasoned paranormal investigator and also hosts a thriving internet forum where many people gather to share EVPs and discuss techniques and to seek advice in their dealings with this most interesting of subjects.

Christine relates the following from her IAmHaunted page for CJ EVP Radio:

My name is Christine, I have been researching and recording for EVP for almost (4) years now. It was shortly after the passing of my sister from cancer, I guess having a family member pass, you always want to know that they go on to something bigger and better. I received what I believe to be spirit voices my first time recording. This was also a validating evp as well, the voice said something I could not have known any thing about… but the person who was helping me at the time knew exactly what it meant (if this makes sense lol).

Needless to say I was
hooked after this. I then became a member of the AA EVP and started my own website so that I could share my recordings with others. Things have snowballed since then (in a good way, of course).

I now have a Forum with a great bunch of members. I also hold weekly chats on my site every Wednesday night at 8pm CST we have Open Chat Night! Also be sure to check out the radio show CJ EVP Radio where Psychic Medium Patty Pepin will be giving free mini readings to our listeners that call in. We will also have a special treat at the end of these shows, we'll be giving away to one lucky member of the chat room a free (30) minutes private phone reading with Patty! You don't want to miss it!!!

Return from Hornet

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Articles It almost didn't happen. My father had a medical situation that nearly canceled the trip planned for an overnight event aboard the U.S.S. Hornet. My father's situation turned around rather quickly and, at the last moment possible, I suddenly found myself on the road to Alameda and to visit the U.S.S. Hornet on Halloween of 2008.

Arriving about two hours later, the ship swung into view as my TomTom cheerily voiced my arrival using the voice of Kim Catrell.

Hornet dominates the view... An imposing sight with aircraft dotting the deck and with the word "massive" being an understatement. It's superstructure must have been an object of terror to any enemy who came under it's unfortunate attention when provoked. It must have commanded respect and even fear when it sailed the seas for the twenty-odd years it traversed the world's oceans.

Investigation 102608 - Jay Hawk Cemetery in Rescue California

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Articles It was a spur of the moment thing. I was in the GRI Mustang, cruising home when I decided to take a look around Rescue and see if I could spot any cemeteries in the area. Taking Deer Valley Road off of Green Valley Road, I ended up diving straight into beautiful countryside on this crisp Autumn day and within a few minutes, I was rewarded with finding Jay Hawk Cemetery.

I pulled in to the gates and parked. I had only my EVP recorder and a notepad with me, so I walked inside the cemetery and got about ten paces in and stopped dead in my tracks.

While a well-kept cemetery, this place was *different*. And I mean so in the spooky sense. There is something weird about the place and the energy was far different from the other cemeteries I've been visiting in the area. The feeling was one of a sort of disquiet and very unsettling.

Cooperative events news feeds for local paranormal groups.

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Articles If you are a local paranormal research group in and around the Sacramento area, we would be more than happy to host RSS feeds of your events calendar here on GRI to help your event succeed. Feel free to contact us to let us know your feed information and we'll be pleased to add your announcements to our left menu.

We also have a cooperative program running for Washington state, with key groups in the Seattle area to announce their events since we have remote members there also.


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I've not given much thought to Premonitions, I mean I've had them yes..But dismiss them quickly.  I guess because I'm a sensitive, one out weighs the other.  I have 6 Guardian Angels that guide me, and I don't remember much of my dreams. 

Some of my friends have rather disturbing dreams that they remember; often times involving death on a grand scale, or a loved one. I had a friend that had a dream his dog was hit by a car..that was 10 years ago and his dog is still alive and kicking.

This poses a question to me..How long of time between the time you dream of doom to the time it happens do you deem it  a " Premonition?" If my friends dog had mysteriously died right after he told me about his dream, and specifically hit by a car, Id say the chances of his dream having something to do with it more likely then say, 3 years later.