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2009 Investigations 
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Album: Best EVPs of 2009 (55)
Best of the Best for 2009

Updated Friday, January 01 2010 @ 07:37 pm UTC
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Album: Truckee Hotel Investigations of October 30'th/31'st and November 21st/22nd. (209)
Two investigations by two separate teams of the Truckee Hotel

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Sub Albums (4)
Album: Case # 090501 USS Hornet September Investigation (71)
Odyssey Star Hornet investigation evidence and reports

Views 215
Sub Albums (2)
Album: Case #080109: Bryant Cemetery (4)
A quick-strike mission to examine Bryant Cemetery and test for EVP activity at the site.

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Sub Albums (2)
Album: Case # 082909 - Mission "Ruby 2" - Sacramento Old City Cemetery and The White Rock Ruins (58)
This was a fast-strike mission to investigate the Sacramento Old-City Cemetery and we used simple tools on this one - one EVP recorder and a Nikon camera to test the waters. We also did a fast-strike on the Old White Rock Ruins to test for EVPs and did get some!

Updated Monday, August 31 2009 @ 05:40 am UTC
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Sub Albums (2)
Album: Case#: 021909 - Placerville Main Street Night investigation (21)
A nighttime strike mission to scan for EVPs on a fairly quiet evening in Placerville, California.

Updated Saturday, February 21 2009 @ 05:54 pm UTC
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Album: Case # 022009: Gold Country excursion (82)
An excursion into a number of Gold Country sites in and around El Dorado county

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Sub Albums (3)
Album: Case# 041809 - Pre-investigation of The Bookery (14)
A pre-investigation of The Bookery bookstore in Placerville, California.

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Sub Albums (1)
Album: Case# 032109: Pilot Hill Private Residence (84)
A private residence in Pilot Hill, California. Cold spots, other apparitions scene and a generally odd feeling on one side of the home.

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Sub Albums (3)
Album: Case #052309 Volcano and Indian Grinding Rocks investigation. (32)
A multi-site investigation in and around Volcano, California. The Indian Grinding Rock state park, caves and Volcano cemetery were investigated.

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Sub Albums (2)
Album: Case #030609: Queen Mary Investigation (443)
A 2-day investigation of the Queen Mary in Long Beach California by Jon.

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Sub Albums (2)
Album: Case #010409 Bailey House tour of home (64)
A tour of the Bailey House by John, one of the members of the Bayley House crew who are restoring the site and home.

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