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Other haunted places we've visited but didn't really investigate.
Album: Projects (68)
Projects that GRI is working on and personal stuff.

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Album: Scattering in 2002 (1)
My grandmother's scattering in 2002 in the Sierras.

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Album: Virginia City in 2006 - Motorcycle run (142)
Stayed at the Gold Hill Hotel and visited Boot Hill - 2006 Motorcycle trip. My very first "investigation" was at the Gold Hill. Had I known just how haunted it really was, I might have had more equipment with me. As it was, all I had was a really underpowered voice recorder and my Kodak camera. Felt like something was watching me in the hotel room I was in, but didn't capture much. One photo in my room caught an unusual elbow and I don't remember anyone being in the room but me, but I can't count it as evidence...

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