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2011 Investigations 
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Album: Misc (2)
Misc videos, audio

Updated Monday, July 25 2011 @ 05:34 am UTC
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Album: Hotel Leger (0)

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Album: Phoenix Area Cases (0)
A "quick trip" down to Phoenix in late winter to investigate with Karen and Elizabeth for 4 days in and around that area before weather heats up things. Hope to take in Tombstone, Phoenix and surrounding areas over course of that time frame.

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Album: Cross country tour California to New York and Back (0)
A tour of the U.S. with the ultimate destination being Rolling Hills Asylum, Shanley Hotel, Gettysberg and other locations of interest.

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Album: July 2011 Underwater investigation (0)
An as-yet to be selected underwater investigation

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Album: Case #03xx10 - UPCOMING CASE: Navy Hospital (0)
A haunted U.S. Navy hospital in the bay area. A small team of about 4 to 5 investigators to hit this site for an overnight expedition.

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