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2010 Investigations 
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GRI 2010 Investigations - Evidence posting now in full swing for all 2010 cases as of October/November 2010
Album: Case# 073010: Masonic and Bodie (128)
The GRI team visited the towns of Masonic and Bodie. We did experience a few things and tested out the new Ovilus PX on it's maiden voyage into the field. Masonic proved to be the real acid test for the ovilus and we did get some good EVPs while we were there too.

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Album: Case# 032410 - Spencer Hughes and Jon Almada in Shingle Springs (59)
A tour of local cemeteries and ghost hunting spots.

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Album: Case# 021310: Pilot Hill (27)
Return to Pilot Hill for a solo evening investigation.

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Album: Case #: 101310 - Beermans - Lincoln California - NOTE: CASE STILL IN ANALYSIS - FINAL REPORT TO BE ISSUED NOV 2010 (215)
Beermans is a restaurant/bar building with a huge footprint in Lincoln, California. The building dates back to the mid-1800s and has housed many businesses. Our investigation, with Jon, Spencer, Tony and Stephanie, yielded some interesting EVP evidence and a few strange photos. As of 10/24/10 we are still processing the last remaining audio and video before officially closing our our report on the case in early November.

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Album: Case #: 092401 Southwest Grand Tour (721)
This is really a series of investigations running together as part of a large tour done across the Southwest during the period from 9/24 to 10/3 - The cases will be separated by location below this folder and then into the standard subfolders of photos/audio/video/reports.

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Album: Case #11xx10 UPCOMING CASE: Preston Castle (0)
Smaller team investigation of Preston Castle with more of the facility being investigated.

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Album: Case #10xx10 UPCOMING CASE: Broken Tree Ranch (0)
Investigation on our property of the haunt we live with daily. Attempts to acquire video and audio/photo evidence using DVR, full spectrum and audio on an overnight investigation to assess the nature of the haunt in the main ranch house.

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Album: Case #102310: Vulture Mine, Arizona (0)
GRI's Phoenix group investigates the haunted Vulture Mine in Arizona. Karen Bergman led the team into an overnight lockdown in the Vulture Mine!

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Album: Case #082810: U.S.S. Hornet Day Investigation (185)
Day investigation of U.S.S. Hornet

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Album: Case #050210: Black Chasm Caves (0)
A day investigation underground of the Black Chasm Cave complex in Volcano, Ca.

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Album: Case #011510 and #013010: Stockton Masonic Lodge (272)
A pair of investigations of the Stockton Masonic Lodge from early 2010. One of the more extraordinary cases of the year with some very unique experiences on the first investigation.

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Album: Case #010710: Sebastapol (164)
An overnight investigation of a haunted home in Sebastapol

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