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The Blue Dot controversy

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Articles On May 31st, 2009 GRI visited the Gold Hill Hotel to investigate that reputedly haunted location along with downtown Virginia City and the surrounding area. We were not disappointed at the EVPs we picked up and odd personal experiences.

One of the reports we got from our investigators surrounded a sighting of a blue orb that came out of the Yellow Jacket Mine and which traveled around the Miner's Cabin and towards the Gold Hill Hotel we were guests of.

Only ten minutes before that point in the investigation, I had seen a half-torso apparition follow the same exact course as the two investigators who had seen the blue orb. It was a very fast sighting and it moved with unearthly speed. It was disturbing to see half a body running with no top half, but this does seem to be a fairly constant thing in paranormal investigations and sightings of ghosts. Sometimes these spirits may not have enough energy to fully manifest and thus appear only in pieces to us.

Switch to 2010. I was busy today, finalizing some uploads and was looking at some of the photos from the May 2009 trip and noticed something odd in one of the pictures. In a zoomed image, I spotted what appeared to be a blue light in one of the images, where one should not be. The image above is the root picture from which that photo came from.
This was interesting, because I began to remember the incidents of that night and wondered if they might be related to this image. But the inner skeptic in me also said this might be pixelation or some artifact on the photo not related to the earlier sighting.

So, I decided to put it out to you, our readers. Take a look and tell me how an image like this might occur. I'm still at a loss to explain it and would appreciate any ideas you might offer.  Look above at the blue round image. It is more than a pixel in size, given that the camera used was a Nikon D80 with a nice quality and fast F1.8 lens if memory serves me. I have the original image at this link. The flash DID fire, but I'm skeptical of that being some sort of reflection coming back.

To summarize possible explanations so far:
  1. Reflection from some surface that is reflecting enough blue light to look like an "orb".
  2. Unknown light source, independently lit or self-illuminating.
  3. Some sort of living thing - animal?
  4. Possible pixel issue in the camera?
  5. Possible "noise" on the CCD chip?
  6. And finally, it's the blue orb our team reported minutes earlier.
  7. Something else.
There we have it. I'll recommend this story be checked out on my radio shows and see if we can get some expert opinions as to what this might be!