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A better way to deploy cameras and videos

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Articles Having a 4 channel DVR and the ability to cover fairly large establishments with video and audio resources means lugging lots of gear to and from a site. So anything that will cut down on the size of equipment needed to support the mission is a good thing.

When Spencer, one of our members here at GRI showed me his new portable HD camera, I knew I had to come up with a portable solution that could fit in a shoulder pack to make deployment of cameras and video units for unattended shooting a reality.
The question was how to come up with portable solutions that would be lightweight, small and easy to pack in an already crowded bag of tricks for the average ghost hunter.

So we were surprised to find this solution for all of $9.95 apiece at Battery Barn of all places. With a shipping cost of less than $4.00, we ordered three of these and will be sure to let you know what we think of them.

The neat part is that these things will clamp to trees, shelves, whatever. And they have deployable legs that fold down to make them into a tripod!

This means that you can clamp to the building or shelf that is in the perfect place and be able to really extend your capabilities with some lightweight gear that makes that trek to a remote site or 3 floor hotel just a little easier without lugging a large tripod up the stairs.

https://www.batterybarn.com/clamp.htm is the place to go to get them.  They ship FAST! I ordered on Thanksgiving night and the order was in the mail and email confirmed to me early the next day.

Give it a look and let us know if this worked for you. We'll update this article with more after we get ours here...