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End of year wind-downs... Reflections and Winter projects

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Articles I suppose that all of us would love to investigate all the time. It's not something that we can do all the time and we probably shouldn't try.

I hunted once with Barry Fitzgerald from GHI and he has this quiet way of delivering rather sweeping pronouncements in that way that only Irish or Scottish folks can do. It's a  soft spoken trait and if one listens to these folks and looks at their examples, one can learn much.

So, I'm hunting with Barry over at Clovis Sanitarium and he looks at a woman who asked if he hunted all of the time and he smiles and says "All things in balance. One cannot do too much of this".

I've come to appreciate that statement. A wise saying from a wise man. There is a cost in terms of health, wealth and other aspects of life that come with this topic.
So, this winter, we're going to do a few local cases and focus on building our kits for future cases plus working on our trailer that will become the mobile research lab. In each of these areas, there is a balance in terms of the items not being strictly paranormal and which provide one with outlets outside of the paranormal.

I interviewed Gloria Young from Ghost Trackers this year and she echoed how she loved the winter to recharge her batteries and to absorb what was learned that past year and to dream up what she had planned for the coming year. Wise advice from one very nice lady.

So we're going to pull inward for a bit... Mostly local stuff to help our local members deal with the economic slowdown by giving what activities we do to be more localized and within reach.

Projects for this winter will be the tri-field Ramsey kit, a couple of high power IR light source kits, the tear drop trailer of course, finishing out all our reports and just getting things planned out for the coming year. The Frank's box kit is now done and we're looking at lots of fix-it and modification projects too!

Of course the studio hard line drop for the network will be done and I see a wonderful year coming forward.

We've made a lot of good friends in 2009 and learned so much along the way. Many friends have moved elsewhere and new ones have arrived. I see more coming and with the arrival of our new members Spencer, Renee and Tim, we've got a good crew forming up and I've been impressed with how they handle themselves.

Michele, the second in command here at GRI, has turned out to be a close friend and highly respected colleague whose words I hold her in high esteem and whose counsel I listen to and take seriously.

Christine B. moved out to Ohio and is still with us as a remote member but I miss her a lot and hope one day that my good friend comes back out to California. I'm trying to figure how in the heck I'm going to get out to Ohio in 2010 for a hunt there... We'll get it figured. In the meantime, Skype phones and email of case stuff back and forth keep us in contact.

Kat, my former co-host moved on to her own show and I'm glad she found her own voice and now has a highly successful show of her own. I wish her the best and know her direct and wild style will develop her audience to the fullest.

Jim and Kathy are currently engaged in other pursuits at the moment and I hear from them occasionally. I'm hoping to see them in 2010 since they are both very good investigators. My dear friend Gail is doing better these days and one day I'll coax her into a hunt with us.

Cathie over at Blogtalkradio (from Cathie's Distant Echoes show) is a truly dear friend and one who I am proud to call a friend! Karla Hicklin is another favorite guest who I miss seeing and hope to see her pop in on the show now and again. She laughs a lot at my impersonation of Julia Childs as a ghost huntress - LOL.

Karen from the Hornet investigation in September is a good friend from Phoenix and one who will quite likely figure in new investigations here. She is an experienced investigator and one who I'm happy to see coming up our way now and again!

The U.S.S. Hornet team and foundation are good friends and I thank them for a couple of successful hunts in July and September. I had my 50'th birthday bash on the ship in July and I was touched they brought a huge cake out for this ghost hunter. Hornet has a special place in our hearts here at GRI and will always be a case we hunt at least once a year if not more.

Countless other people have been touched and are part of GRI's world and for those I've missed, trust me, you are highly valued and care for by us.

So with that said... We're using the season to our advantage and will do our chores, put our writing out more (plus work the books) and build the new goodies for the coming year. We hope to see you join us for our local public cases and for our future hunts in 2010!