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Mission "Ruby-2" - The Old City Cemetery

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Articles I left on Saturday to examine the Sacramento Old City Cemetery as a research site. We have returned to missions in the field as our primary activity and also to follow our book-writing bent along with just plain having fun!

The old notions of a TAPS-style team are long gone and it's just back to being flexible and fun. Whoever goes and wants to join are welcome to hop in and join this intrepid guy who loves the paranormal...

And we've gone solo on the radio show and frankly, it's been a relief to freely explore and operate in my own way on things without worrying what will happen next. I'm free to operate in a much more simplified environment and that has made a huge difference in the last several weeks for the show too... So... things are on an up tick ;>)

I will admit, however, to missing my good buddy Christine. She moved to Ohio and I hope one day to connect up to her again soon and we can hunt together once again. The economy has really done a number on folks doing paranormal work and it's going to be those who adapt and get inventive to keep their chosen passion going forward.

At this point though, it's back to pretty much a solo operation save for periodic co-investigation with other teams and the occasional member popping in to hunt with me.  And it means working within my means to collect evidence and investigate in a safe way. So this mission was special in that a I opted to scope out a high-value target with a limited set of tools and specific plan in place to do a hit and run operation to test for activity.

I also decided to hit a smaller site on the return home and managed to capture a few EVP there. More later in the article.

So, I opted to check the site out and made the drive in to Sacramento and took the 10'th Street exit and was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to find the cemetery. The first item of note was that this place is HUGE. I made a preliminary drive around it's borders and then returned to find a parking space and began my 45 minute walk-thru tour.

The next item to make note of was how much activity goes on at this place. It is a very "live" place for a cemetery. Considering how I'm used to cemeteries in the Sierras being so quiet, it was a real shock to see so many people on the grounds and to see the crews doing active cleanup and maintenance on the site. A lot of less-than-well-kept grave sites were being repaired and I was truly touched that the city was dedicating some effort to seeing that these final resting spots were well kept and cared for.

The cemetery, as noted earlier, is quite large. I hiked at least 1/4 mile and perhaps a bit more to reach the southern-boundary and did a first "grand-tour" of the facility. There are graves of every period, style and economic status in this amazing place.

I did get EVP activity and the clips from the media gallery have the entire bulk of these EVPs from the case. The site is very active with EVP generation and more so in the northern part of the cemetery.

In two of the larger roman-style crypts, I did feel some activity and was sure that I had captured EVP activity. The place is so large, I think it is inevitable that there would be paranormal activity on the grounds. My gut feel is that it is going to be a nice place to conduct day-investigations and research over the long-term.

One EVP said "bounce boogie" and another very good one said "They're keeping me up" - I guess in reference to the folks caring for the grounds that day. Near the Mark Hopkins grave, I got a male voice saying "Its my grave" in a very raspy and loud voice before I spoke about the size of his marble tomb, which took a year and a half to construct.

The only items taken for the evaluation tour were a single EVP recorder and a camera. All in all, I conclude that the Sacramento Old City Cemetery is definitely worth visiting and a unique place.
I also stopped at a spot on the way home that I'd always wanted to do a spot-check at. Off of White-Rock Road, there is a ruin that I wanted to examine for sometime. I was able to get close to it and ran about five minutes of EVP audio and began to examine my options for getting closer in, but decided to hang out from the road and just see what I'd get on audio.

I did capture roughly eight EVP at the site and from what I see, there are some entities on the site, but they are mostly the "joker" style of entity and were either asking for help or making crazy statements. Still, it was interesting to examine the site and see what we might capture. I suspect a late-evening session there would elicit some odd EVP activity.

To listen to the audio, visit this link to the gallery for the captures.

There are many of these ruins on the  White Rock road corridor and I intend to do spot checks of these over time and see what pops on the EVP sessions...