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GRI Teardrop Trailer Project

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Articles It doesn't look like much now, but in about two months, the GRI Teardrop Trailer will be a huge addition to our group's capabilities!

I got interested in these unique trailers when I saw one while returning from Oregon back in 2007 and decided that one day I would have to build one.

June Update
: The wheels are on and we're going to start the woodworking up next weekend! I'm doing the last bits of metal work and getting the frame finalized, but it's coming along. A photograph will be posted shortly to document our progress!

Continuing on...

Since then, GRI has come into existence and it just makes sense to combine the trailer as both a recreational vehicle and also to use it for mobile investigation work at remote locations.

The photo at right is a preview of the form the trailer will take. It will be a "Benroy" style, which affords maximum use of the overall trailer length and will give us extra room for stowing gear. The trailer will have enhanced power capabilities to support a built-in flat screen monitor and will have a side panel for connection of video/audio/power to all control and monitoring of an investigation right from the trailer. A rear hatch will allow for basic food and drink to be prepared  and we'll be able to put two people up in the unit for overnighters should this be needed..
I've never done much wood-working, but this will certainly test me. GRI has led me on some pretty neat journeys and now I'll be able to do something unique to truly make every journey out there a memorable one!

If anyone has ever build a TearDrop for paranormal research, I'd love to hear from you!

We'll keep you updated on progress as this project continues forward. We will have the overall trailer structure completed in about a week and then we'll begin the process of cutting wood and doing our framing!  Once done, we'll have a naming contest to give the trailer a proper designation and then to celebrate with a party!