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Ghost Car in Police Chase

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Articles A unique car chase that ends in an unbelievable fashion...

Garden City Ghost Car

Ghost Car Through Fence.You maybe have heard about the now legendary Ghost Car. Recorded by pursuit dashboard video by Garden State Pd. And shown on an episode of Court TV. Of a white car which had been pursued one night by the Garden City Police for driving erratically on the highway.

Then had sped away at what had been described as at “Supernatural” speed. Whatever the hell that was suppose to mean. Because if you search the internet for videos under the topic of “speed car pursuit” you will find many references which will show vehicles with around 300 plus horse power that have been filmed leaving a police pursuit car behind in mere seconds.

Of course in many locations the police have now invested in specially modified vehicles which are black in color so as to make harder to see at night. And are equipped with special engines and transmissions which are built primarily for speed and precision handling.

Rumor has it that these specialized vehicles are known as “Phantom Class” Cruisers.

To get a better sense of what they’re all about just think of them as “Stealth on Wheels”.

But on the night in question it was your basic police cruiser which had encountered a vehicle which had not only seemed to bait the pursuing Police officer that night but had eventually demonstrated it’s superiority of evasion by seeming to drive through a solid fence before it’s taillights were seen disappearing into the night on the other side.

Leaving police both in the dust and baffled.

Since the airing of this video, there have been proposed many theories on how such a stunt may had been orchestrated as a means of avoiding what many have come to believe had been a ghostly phenomenon.

Eventually people had sent me a copy of this enigmatic video in the hope that maybe I might detect some tell tale evidence as to the true nature behind this peculiar occurrence.

Well, without obtaining more pertinent facts such as where the occurrences had ended specifically there is little more I could provide.

Ghostly Driver.With the acception of my enhancement of the driver side window of the evasive Ghost Car as it sped by the police cruiser in the opposite direction.

Which if the drivers ghostly looking visage is any indication.

I might comfortably speculate that both drive and vehicle were indeed something beyond the norm.

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