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Scouting mission on October 3'rd, 2008

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Articles We will be conducting a scouting mission around the Placerville/Shingle Springs area on Friday, October 3'rd, 2008. A list of potential haunts is being examined for a formal investigation in the second or third week of October. This will be a training mission only. No private establishments will be investigated, only publicly available sites.

If you live locally in the area of Sacramento and wish to participate in the scouting mission, we will be glad to hear from you. The mission will begin at 11:00am and last until 5:00pm. We'll stop for lunch and make decisions about the choice cases and see what the best options for an investigation might be around the area. This will involve speaking with homeowners, on-site testing of gear and "feeling" the place out to see if it bears investigating.

One to two volunteer investigators in addition to the GRI leader will be going on the scouting mission. If you think you have the right stuff, click the CONTACT link on the left menu and get into touch with us. We'll be glad to have some company as we kick off our first missions! We're figuring on two cars for the event. if you have digital cameras and voice recorders, bring them and we'll do a short bit of test evidence gathering at each spot.