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tomcat Jon Almada
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Tuesday, October 09 2007 @ 10:33 pm UTC
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Shingle Springs, California
Jon is a long-time paranormal investigator with a lifetime of experience around the paranormal. He grew up in the computing and propulsion businesses and has a considerable background in electronics, programming and troubleshooting problems of all sorts. All of these skills play out well in the business of paranormal research and hunting spirits in the field.

Jon enjoys the outdoors, the unknown, reading, history, research, writing, fast cars and rock and roll. Hunting in haunted locations is a favorite activity and facing the unknown is what he enjoys most.

Jon relates:

For as long as I've been alive, I've experienced paranormal phenomena. My family has a line of psychics and mediums going back several generations and I would not be surprised to hear that it goes back much further. These things run in families and my development was not even "special" per se' in the family sphere, but it was considered normal and thus accepted to have these gifts.

My first serious ghost encounter was in a family summer home witnessing an apparition getting into a bed and leaving an imprint of it's shape, a glowing wall on the opposite side of the house where a circular shape just over the spot where my great-uncle passed away stayed for months and hearing a party nightly and sounds of people walking through the residence. Years later, an encounter with a woman who appeared inside my home (on a former gold mining town here in the Sierras) left me convinced there was something here to study and learn from. I resolved to try to understand the physics and science behind these things and to evaluate them as best I could based on field experience and going where the action was.

From my 20's to the present day, I have kept an open mind and yet skeptical and scientific stance on the topic, looking first to explain what is seen with conventional explanations before settling on a paranormal explanation. As an information scientist, I strike a middle-ground with these topics and seek only the truth. GRI is a vehicle to that end and also a means to meet and interact with like-minded people.

I have witnessed shadow people, a full classic apparition (15-seconds of pure wonder as I stared at a woman who did the same back to me) and hundreds of cold spots and phenomena in the field and even at home, where we live on a spot with a variety of strange events that take place on a fairly regular basis.

Part of the interest I have in doing investigation work is not only in terms of the paranormal, but to learn the history of the surrounding regions I live in and to contribute to understanding it all by actively going out and finding what happened in the past.

I strongly believe in investigating often and to actually *use* your gear and not just talk about it. Getting out there and getting your sneakers dirty and your recorders worn out is the best way to learn and I'm out there regularly doing just that. This group is designed to teach these skills and to encourage people to strike out on their own if so inclined with some good training and the skills to succeed in their research.

Science is a wonderful tool and lab work does give us great wonders in our lives, but the paranormal is so fickle, so unpredictable, that I ultimately realized it was going to take that field work to see these things close up and personal. Thousands of recordings later and with evidence that satisfies me and my own personal curiosity, I remain just as fascinated as when it all started. My hope is to share some of that fascination and some of my stories with you!

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Case #072807: Santa Maria Inn Investigation of July 28, 2007 at the Santa Maria Inn
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Case #050108: Technical Investigation of provided photos A co-worker asked us to look at these and to see what we made of these pictures that were shot some time ago in New Mexico.
Case #110407: Paul Dale November 4th 2007 Investigation Investigation of I-5 murder scene, private residence and then graveyard investigations in Folsom. Note that the camera time was off due to my forgetting to set it. I will compute the differences in time so that we get an actual time versus the advertised camera time on the submitted evidence.
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Case #081707: August 18 2007 Placerville Tour Investigation w/local paranormal group. Photos from August 18\'th tour investigation
Case #050208: EVP Session from May 2008 An EVP session where a Spencer Rifle from the Civil War was read in my home. During the reading, I captured several interesting voices, but one was extremely clear on my Sony digital recorder.
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Third and Second Floor Investigations Investigation on the third and second floor with Kathy, Jon and Jim
Case #100308: October 3'rd and 4'th 2008 Pre-investigations Investigations of Fair Play and Shingle Springs cemeteries