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2008 Investigations 
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Album: Case #122708 - Marshall Gold Discovery Park investigation (268)
An investigation of the Marshall Gold Discovery Park with the GRI team in full force.

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Album: Case #103108 - U.S.S. Hornet Halloween Overnight Investigation. (111)
An overnight investigation of the U.S.S. Hornet. This was a combined evening video and audio investigation.

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Album: Case #110108 - Training checkout video of Shingle Springs property. (0)
A training session using the DVR with a single camera to shake down overnight video operations and to investigate shadow sightings seen this time of year on the property.

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Album: Case #110408 - St. George Hotel in Volcano California (255)
Training mission to the St. George Hotel in Volcano. Potential haunts include: A young girl, an apparition dressed in white, is said to roam the halls of the St. George Hotel here, startling guests and housekeepers alike. She comes and goes, as does the equally mysterious, well-dressed gentleman who skulks through the three-story inn with a cane. For years, strange things have supposedly taken place at the hotel, set at a sharp bend of a narrow road that winds through the thickly wooded hills of the historic Gold Rush town, 60 miles southeast of Sacramento.

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Album: Case #112208 - Clarksville Cemetery Investigation (146)
A 45 minute visit to the Clarksville Cemetery

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Album: Case #112908 Clovis Sanitarium (41)
Hunting with TAPS and Ghost Hunters International at the Clovis Sanitarium near Fresno, California

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Album: Case #120608a - Pioneer Cemetery (0)
Short investigation of Pioneer Cemetery cut short by law enforcement. Suggest future investigations take place just prior to sunup and during daytime to prevent further issues.

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Album: Case #120608b - Michigan Bar (13)
1.5 hour investigation with Sacto Ghost Troupe Team.

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Album: Case #122008a Georgetown Hotel and Miners Club Bar (12)
Investigations of businesses in the Georgetown main street area. The Georgetown Hotel and Miner's Club graciously allowed us to briefly investigate each site and we thank them for their hospitality!

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Album: Case #122008c Marshall Gold Discovery Park (90)
Photos and Audio from Marshall Gold Discovery Park in Coloma

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Album: Case #100308: October 3'rd and 4'th 2008 Pre-investigations (17)
Investigations of Fair Play and Shingle Springs cemeteries

Updated Sunday, October 05 2008 @ 06:17 pm UTC
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Album: Case #050108: Technical Investigation of provided photos (3)
A co-worker asked us to look at these and to see what we made of these pictures that were shot some time ago in New Mexico.

Updated Friday, October 10 2008 @ 01:58 am UTC
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