GRI is looking for 2012 cases to investigate, starting in April. We have a couple of day investigations on the table, mainly near the Bay Area and also some local classic sites for training missions to get out team back in operation. If you have a great case to share with us and want us to investigate your haunt, contact us!

Training mission: April 26th, 11:00AM Pioneer Cemetery - bring your camera, voice recorders and smiles. Two hour hunt. The purpose is to show people how to do EVPs and do a meet and greet ;>)

Members Wanted

We are reforming the team and are open to new investigators joining us. We tend to do small team investigations and avoid large and confusing gatherings that often produce limited results. Contact us and tell us what you would like to do. If you are a past member and wish to rejoin, contact us and we'll bring you on board

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