I'm a lucky man. As founder of GRI, I've had the chance to do some amazing ghost hunting over the course of six years and have had good luck with amazing haunts, great spirits coming through on EVPs and lots of good friends and memories made over those years.

WIth the family issues surrounding my Dad's stroke, I have had to steadily tone down the number of cases and investigations our team works on. It has been a very challenging year with Dad and essentially, we're treading water until things change with him.

Investigation of the Other Side is great since the folks we talk with are dead, but the process of the leaving this Earth is a much more daunting thing and my personal GRI mission right now is to be a good family member to my father, who, through no fault of his own, had this terrible thing happen to him. My sincere wish has been that the Other Side and the Powers That Be remain at our side as they have been and to help our little family through these difficult times.

GRI will continue, but with very infrequent cases through 2011 and into 2012. Since I haven't done any cases since fall of last year, I decided to start doing a few solo investigations and will invite select friends to do some EVP work in the field for research purposes. Tonight, I'm going to test the waters on my own property with regard to spirits we've been seeing over the past couple of months. Our property has long had spirit energies on it and many of our family members have had unusual experiences here. Much of the latest activity seems to center on the main ranch house and thus I'm going to do a few sample EVPs to see what we get and treat my own home like any other GRI case.

As for membership with GRI, so much has happened, both good and some... not so good. This is how it is with real life and believe me, I've made plenty of mistakes and sincerely am integrating what I've learned from my own mistakes and also successes in this field into the future of the group. For now, I find myself walking the path as it was when I started. I've got a few good friends out there who will go on cases we set up for this summer and fall and we'll take it one day at a time.

For now, I'm open to have another researcher join me for some local field missions to test new EVP techniques and to keep it simple and fun. If you want to get some time in with an experienced paranormal researcher, drop me a line on Facebook. Again, you need to be local to me here in Shingle Springs/Folsom area. If you think you've got the skills, then contact me and we'll talk.

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