I am setting up the trip for the final week of September to do the grand tour of the Southwest. I'll be meeting up with various groups and investigators as I tour, so it'll be a great experience to head down through Arizona and up into Nevada.

So far, we've planned the following sites and locations:
  1. Sites around or near Phoenix, Az.
  2. Tombstone, Az.
  3. BisBee (probable), Az.
  4. Greer (probable), Az.
  5. Prescott, Az.
  6. Sedona, Az.
  7. Rachel, Nv
  8. Death Valley Junction, Az.
  9. Goldfield, Az.
  10. Virginia City, Az.
The plans and dates will finalize soon, but I am in the process of advertising the trip and will seek to hook up with other teams and just have fun on the trip. If you wish to hook up with me or to tag along for part of the tour, let me know and we can work out specifics.

We'll also be doing shows from the road and enjoying ourselves as we take in the sights and sounds of the haunted Southwest ;>)

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