We're in the initial phases of planning our upcoming 2010 hunting season. I'm making the needed inquiries for a grand-tour of the Western U.S. for a blitzkrieg-style hunt with our mobile research lab of the western U.S. The lab will have all needed equipment and also provides a means of staying overnight at remote locales with all the comforts we would need on-hand.

I'm making plans for a two to three person team to do a two to three week tour of the U.S. with planned stops to interact with other paranormal and UFO teams. Our focus on this tour will be to look for cases that overlap with UFO activity. Specific focus will be on orbs and the rash of sightings taking place in both paranormal and UFO cases.

We ourselves have noted blue orbs on a number of our cases. Here is a chance to do some original research over a huge cross-section of the U.S. specifically designed to seek out and investigation potential orb activity. We will, however, take advantage of doing more conventional paranormal investigation as it presents itself during the trip
We're planning our route and hunting locations and will be keeping this close to the vest until we're on the road. I'm looking for investigators who want to accompany me on this once in a lifetime tour of the paranormal and unknown. We'll get together over the winter to plan for and arrange the needed equipment and sites to hit for this trip.

Write me if you are interested. This promises to be a very unique and amazing hunt and we want to come back with memories, smiles, evidence and perhaps a new understanding of the paranormal and UFO activity in general.

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