When my soul is restless

And things seem out of line,

I visit an old graveyard

To take a mystical step back in time.


I find the oldest tombstones

Then read the messages there;

I consider what their days had been

And how our lives in ways compare.


We all have lived though heartaches

As well as episodes of fun;

Surviving loss of loved ones,

And rewarded for a job well done.


Sometimes if I'm very still

 I can hear what they have to say

And feel them reaching out to me

Grateful for my momentary stay.


Christine B. © 2009

Ye blooming youth as you pass by,

Remember you were born to die;

As you are now, so once was I,

As I am now, so you shall be—

Prepared to die and follow me!


John Nason, Fryeburg Maine

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