On October 4'th, I took a spin out in the GRI Mustang to Shingle Springs Cemetery, a small little out of the way and very peaceful place of rest for some of the town founders of our little gold country hamlet.

To be truthful, I hadn't even know it existed until recently, so I tossed it into the pile of pre-investigation spots to check out after discussions with other members and decided to strike out when some free time came my way.

It was a stormy day that nearly got me killed coming back from another cemetery in the town of Fair Play when a car crossed over and nearly ran me off the road. Why I didn't get hit, I don't know. The other driver pulled back to their side and missed by inches. So, I can say that by the time I got to the Shingle Springs cemetery, I was a bit shaken up and used the time to just wander this nice little cemetery of 90 plots and to relax.

This old cemetery dates back to the mid 1800s or so and is filled with 90 known plots and probably quite a few more. A local boy scout troop is caring for the place and it really has a good feel to it. Folsom has a similar old cemetery next to a church that is equally nice and a great place for EVP work.

Anyway... This investigation lasted about twenty or so minutes  and I shot a few pictures and then left. I didn't really count on getting much, since it was only a pre-investigation and all. Usually, you just don't get much in a day investigation, but there are days like this where you get lucky and a response is forthcoming.

I hadn't had time to run the EVP analysis until this evening. In my analysis, I found two lesser hits and one very unusual response from a grave (actually an above ground crypt) that I set the recorder on and asked for a response. The reply was almost immediate and was something to the effect of "We.... Do... then silence and "sweet little boy". It has the sound of a western type man speaking as one might expect someone from the 1800s to sound. Almost a middle-America twang to the voice.

I've specialized in these weekend investigations for some time now and they provide a great little diversion when doing on other errands - A mini-investigation or "strike-mission" as I call them.

Keeping a digital recorder in the car, along with a digital camera and notepad are all you need. If you really want to get fancy, then add an emf meter and put it in a kit for doing spot investigations like this when you see a place you can't resist. Who said investigation work has to be so formal? You can get great results this way and it's awesome when you do get a capture from a few minutes work.

We're going back with two or three investigators to this spot very soon, now that we know we've got some activity. We'll post more on our site, but for now, here are the pre-investigation photos and EVP evidence. Enjoy and I'd love to hear your comments.


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