Our scouting mission was nearly torpedoed by rain in the Sierras. We got off to a late start, but kept up with the planned visiting list and visited the following sites (The actual case notes are later in this article for why we went to the spots):
About the sites we visited:

Equipment Used


We think that it makes sense to visit the Diamond Springs Hotel Restaurant and speak to the owners about a possible investigation with cameras and EVP recording session. There is also a building down the road from the hotel that is a boarded up building from the 1800s. We will be looking into who owns the building and has access to it to see about a possible investigation.

The Shingle Springs cemetery is open to investigate who controls access to it. We have sent an email to the owners and will wait to see if it is possible to visit the site in-person.

We want to try to do an EVP evening investigation of the El Dorado House cemetery if we can locate it. And we would love to mark it's coordinates as mentioned earlier in order to help preserve it for posterity.

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